Interesting Christmas Customs Around the World

In America

Americans like to decorate the lintel with a wreath of mistletoe branches. According to tradition, at Christmas any woman who stands under the mistletoe may be kissed by anyone.Many American homes will have a bunch of mistletoe hanging from an indoor frame or ceiling.Naughty boys would lead a girl under the mistletoe on purpose and give her a proper kiss.

Interesting Christmas Customs Around the World

Alaska, the front door of every house is usually decorated with pineapple-shaped ornaments, representing the host’s hospitality.
In the capital of Washington, the governor will personally light up the huge and spectacular Christmas tree.
Boston is famous for the celebration of chants.
From Hawaii, Santa Claus came by boat.
In California, Santa Claus is here on a surfboard. Colorado, set a huge star model on the top of the mountain, which can be seen even in Pennsylvania.

In Britain

The importance of Christmas in the UK is just like the Chinese New Year. The Christmas lighting ceremony will be very grand, and important people will be invited to start the lighting ceremony, which may be stars, politicians or local influential people. Even in small towns, there are unique lighting ceremonies, bands and song and dance performances, playgrounds and fireworks shows, which are very festive and lively. The main streets and buildings are filled with beautiful colored lights. This is a spectacular view that can only be seen during Christmas, and it will be maintained until after Christmas.

Usually the British will have Christmas dinner together on Christmas Eve. Food includes roast pig, turkey, Christmas pudding, Christmas minced meat pie, etc. Every family member has gifts, and all gifts are delivered on Christmas morning. Some Christmas singers sing good news from house to house, and they will be invited into the house by the host to entertain them with refreshments or give small gifts.

Interesting Christmas Customs Around the World

In Ireland

At Christmas in Ireland, the religious atmosphere is stronger than the joyous atmosphere. On Christmas Eve, the nicknamed Lanren lit candles in the window to guide Joseph and Mary so they could find a shelter. The candle is usually red and decorated with holly.

Irish women bake pralines for everyone in the house. They will make three puddings, one for Christmas, one for New Year, and one for the twelfth night. After Christmas dinner, bread and milk will be left on the table, and the door will not be chained. This is a symbol of good joy.

In Australia

Christmas is a big feature of Australia. The best Christmas gift a parent can give to their children is a small splash. On holiday evening, take a drink to the forest to hold a "Babel House" picnic. People use dry branches to make a fire in an open-air stove built with stones, and an iron plate is placed on it, and sausages, beef, and fresh fish are put on top for frying. After eating and drinking, they danced disco or kangaroo dance, and the noise did not end until late at night.

Children like Santa Claus the most. They want to send a letter to Santa Claus. It’s actually very simple, because there is a special Christmas mailbox in Melbourne’s city centre. Just write "To Santa, The North Pole, 9999" and reply before December 21. Put the mail with the postal address into the postbox, and you will receive a reply from Santa Claus.

Interesting Christmas Customs Around the World

In Poland

Christmas celebrations are held on December 25th and 26th every year. Every family will decorate the Christmas tree. There are Christmas trees on the streets and alleys. The decorations are sold. During the holiday, relatives and friends congratulate each other and give gifts to each other to show friendship. When eating at night, put some grass under the tablecloth to show the birth of Jesus. Dinner is very rich, but meat is not allowed. After twelve o'clock in the evening, the family went to church to worship.

During the Christmas period, it is generally not a guest at other people's homes, except for those who are kindly invited by the host.

In France

The manger is the most distinctive Christmas symbol, because it is said that Jesus was born beside the manger. After singing the Christmas song praising Jesus, people must drink happily. Champagne and brandy are traditional French Christmas wines.

In some areas of France, some families will make the traditional "Three Kings Cake". The moral behind it is that whoever finds the peas hidden in the cake is the king or queen of the day.

In Germany

More rigorous Germans must drink beer or white wine, eat sweets, sour food, sour trotters, beer goulash, dairy products and various lettuce. Every family in Germany who believes in Jesus has a Christmas tree, which is the first in Germany. Germans are very particular about making Christmas cakes. There are many styles of cakes, which are given to each other between relatives and friends.

In Germany, Santa Claus is Santa Claus, and he is always accompanied by the name "Black Peter" as an assistant. It is said that "Black Peter" is a person who holds a whip in his hand and specializes in frightening disobedient children. Germany's outdoor Christmas ornaments market is particularly famous. The glass ornaments produced in this country are exquisite and well-known worldwide.

In Norway

At Christmas, Norwegian children always think of a little man named Nisse who protects the animals on the farm. If a child forgets to leave a bowl of porridge for him, he will perform tricks on the child. In addition, in the dim afternoon, children have to go from door to door asking for sweets.

Interesting Christmas Customs Around the World

In Canada

As soon as December enters, a strong Christmas atmosphere is already exuding across Canada. Canada often puts a special angel decoration on the top of the Christmas tree, representing the angel who leaned over to look after Jesus when he was born. Every year on Christmas Eve, major cities will hold a grand Santa Claus parade. Large shopping malls and brands in the city will send their own Christmas parade to promote. Santa Claus is the finale, attracting a large number of children and adults in the snow Visit.

A few weeks before Christmas, every household will begin to intensively decorate their houses for Christmas. From lanterns, dolls, to beautiful ice sculptures, every household will hold the most beautiful decorations in their homes. Things. And many streets will also hold decoration competitions in their own communities to stimulate people's participation and enthusiasm for Christmas and give children the opportunity to create.

In Finland

Before Christmas, every family has to clean their houses, and there is a Christmas feast in the kitchen. People cut down the fir trees, tied them to sledges, and shipped them home for decoration. People tie grains, nuts, and seeds to poles in the garden. This is a dinner party for the birds. Many farmers waited until the birds had eaten the dinner before starting their own Christmas dinner.

Finns believe that Santa Claus lives in a place called Kolva Mountain in northern Finland, in the northern part of the Arctic Circle. People all over the world send letters to Santa Claus to Finland.







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