Learn the pockets of your backpack

Outdoor backpacks have made amazing progress since the 1970s, when hikers admired the bulky exterior frame and beautiful side pockets. Now, there are many high-tech bags that can help you pack more and go further. However, it is still important to know how to package properly. 

If you are going on a beach holiday, you can just throw your things into your Large Travel Backpack. But carrying it to hike is another matter. You have to carry a backpack for hours, days, or even weeks, so balance and comfort are very important. Similarly, a smart backpack packed after thinking can make you safer. On rugged or steep roads, a well-packed backpack can keep you better balanced and prevent falling.

Learn the pockets of your backpack

Proper packaging must take into account efficiency, convenience and comfort. Here, we will introduce the pockets on the backpack so that you can pack better.

1. Top pocket. The top zipper pocket or top bag, this is the most accessible pocket. You can put frequently used items such as snacks, navigation tools and headlights here. Using it correctly, you can save time spent staying and avoid turning over everything.

Learn the pockets of your backpack

2. Outside pockets. What could be worse than stuffing a wet raincoat with the clothes that were dry before or trying to find that raincoat in the downpour. Use the outer pocket of the big travel backpack to solve these two thorny problems. The outer pockets are usually "kangaroo bags". This flexible pocket allows you to access it very easily. The outer pocket of some bags is a zipper pocket, anyway, put your raincoat or jacket here. But avoid putting heavy objects here, so as not to affect the center of gravity.

3. Belt pocket. The belt pocket is another frequently used pocket, you can use it without taking the bag off. Put your snacks or lip balm, etc. here.

4. Side pockets. Perhaps the most obvious pocket on your backpack is usually used to hold water bottles for quick drinking.







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