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 After the success of BIG Black Friday Snap up, we are planning to re-run this nation-wide competition on Christmas and Boxing Day!

Are you exciting for this good newzzz?

What are the freebies? 👇👇

Each product has 20 free places, first come, first served!

 👉 1. Tote Purse Bag

⏰ Snap up time ⏰ Dec 24th. 2021 20:00 PST


 👉 2. Travel Makeup Bag

⏰ Snap up time ⏰ Dec 25th. 2021 18:00 PST


 👉 3. Clear Backpack

⏰ Snap up time ⏰ Dec 26th. 2021 20:00 PST

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Facebook: MateinLLC

Instagram: @mateinllc

Twitter: MateinLLC

Pinterest: Mateinbackpack

How to join in the snap up? 👇👇

📌 Notice:

1. Opens to US users only.

2. Every customer can only snap up one item at most, otherwise the order will be cancelled.



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matein christmas review contest



@WOLFE CEVOROV Thank you for your suggestion :)


Have a Wonderful, Fun, & very MERRY CHRISTMAS. I Thank You again for the FREE Veteran’s Gift that I received from you. Very nice & strong toiletry bag. Lots of room. More than others. I do hope that you really look into producing a Slingbag. Not everybody can wear a backpack due to disabilities. It would broaden your Categories. I myself can’t wear a backpack due to a Disability. I’ve got to use a 1-Strap Backpack (SLINGBAG). If you design any you should consider making small medium sized and regular backpack sized. Thank you for your time and stay safe

Wolfe Cevorov



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