Luggage Pattern's Material and Performance(I)

In essence, the fundamental role of patterns is decoration, and the purpose of decoration is to make decorative objects more beautifying, so the beautifying elements are all sources of materials that can be used for luggage decorative patterns such as secure travel backpack. It can be said that in people's lives, objects with beautifying and decorative functions can become the source of decorative patterns. Because people live in nature, decorative patterns are derived from nature and are a true reflection of objective things.
The "image material" of decorative patterns can be roughly divided into two categories.

The first category is the objects that exist objectively in nature, including the objects of plants, animals, people, and landscapes, ranging from large to the stars in the universe, to small parts of various objects, and even the various microorganisms and minerals that can only be seen with a magnifying glass and a microscope. Material crystallization, molecular structure, cell morphology, etc.

Luggage pattern's material and performance

The second category is social life fashion and various humanistic things, including man-made objects, words, symbols, emblems, decorations, and social hot spots, major events, etc., which are closely related to people’s lives. The image of things. The patterns are derived from people's social life and can be divided into plant patterns, animal patterns, landscape patterns, character patterns, geometric patterns, etc. Pattern modeling art should be human-centered, reflecting people's life and thoughts and emotions, using scenery to express emotions and objects to express emotions.

In summary, according to the image characteristics of the patterns, we divide the luggage patterns into concrete patterns and abstract patterns. The concrete pattern refers to the pattern that simulates the concrete object that exists objectively. Its conveying and representational effect is very clear and direct. It is a form that is easily accepted by people. It is a convenience for designers to visually grasp real life and intuitively express design intent. form. The abstract pattern is a highly condensed pattern form extracted from the typical characteristics of the concrete substance, which has a very strong image expression.

1. Plant and flower pattern
In the creation of luggage patterns, various flower shapes and deformations will always be the main body of the decorative modeling of new backpack, and their expressions tend to be diversified and complicated. Various concrete and abstract flower patterns have become an inexhaustible source of materials for designers.

Because there are many identical growth structures between different flowers, the appropriate addition or reduction of branches, stems, and flower buds of a particular plant will not affect the overall modeling structure and performance. The traditional floral pattern maintains an antique atmosphere. When applied to the luggage, it adds a touch of elegance and retro feeling; the use of modern floral patterns is like swimming in the water, printed and dyed on the fabric materials of different textures, seeming to activate The aura of flowers has thousands of graceful gestures.

Luggage Pattern's Material and Performance
The flower pattern shown in Figure 6-14 is a combination design of a variety of flowers, surrounded by flowers and green leaves to present the overall effect of blooming flowers; Figure 6-15 is a bag made of leather materials. The large flower pattern is printed on its fan surface, and the zipper tail is decorated with a long chain, which is full of dynamic beauty and adds to the artistic decoration charm of the bag.
Of course, in the plant and flower pattern design of luggage, different flower organization structures are usually used to extract and express natural plants and flowers.

(1) Organizational structure of flower types
In the design of luggage and bags, flower patterns are usually expressed in the way of disassembly and combination, so that the expression style of flower patterns has different characteristics.

① Flower dismantling: dismantle flowers, branches, flower heads, leaves and other parts, and select a certain part as the object of design expression, because the loss of a part of the petals in the pattern design will not affect the overall structure and modeling performance. Generally speaking, this dismantling method often makes the pattern design have a concise and outstanding performance effect.

②The combination of flower type: various "transplanting flowers and wood" treatments to the flower type, that is, the flowers are deleted and added, or they are recombined (interleaved in the flower, interleaved in the leaf), so as not to weaken or destroy The general structural characteristics and basic image of flowers. In this way, multiple or multiple flower patterns are combined to form a new flower pattern image. This flower pattern design has a complex and changeable character, and at the same time can make the pattern more colorful and varied.

(2) Expression of flowers
There are realism, change, and abstraction in the image of flower patterns. There are also various decorative forms, including plane decoration, concave-convex decoration (bas-relief), and various vivid three-dimensional flower decorations. The flower pattern shown in Figure 6-16 is a pattern design that selects a single image combination of flowers, and uses a hollow method to form a repeating and regular flower artistic image. The flower pattern shown in Figure 6-17 intercepts a single flower image, and uses applique techniques to shape it, and the decorative effect is lovely and lively.
In the design, there are many expressions related to flowers, such as embroidery, carving, tie-dyeing, and hand-painting.These patterns can be made travel laptop backpacks.

Luggage pattern's material and performance




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