Precautions for luggages check in before the journey

1. In order to avoid mistaking the checked luggage or large travel backpack, it is very important to make a mark on the luggage. There are many ways to mark, such as sticking eye-catching signs on both sides, these signs can be patterned stickers, or tied to a ribbon on the luggage handle, but pay attention to the ribbon is not too long, so as to avoid the transportation process In trouble. Some students will also make a luggage tag with their name, destination and contact information written on it.

Precautions for luggages check in before the journey

2. If the contents of the luggage are relatively bulging, the position of the zipper may not be firm. It is easy to cause problems after violent movement or squeezing during the transportation and transfer of the luggage. In addition, the excessive weight of the luggage puts excessive pressure on the bracket and hinge. Therefore, do not let the luggage carry too many items. If too many things are loaded and there is a potential safety hazard, the airport will require passengers to use packing tapes or cartons, which will cost more.

3. Pay attention to the quality of the luggage when buying luggage. Good quality will reduce the chance of being damaged during transportation. If the damage is caused by the airport, they will repair or compensate according to the degree of damage to the luggage case. However, it is best to be optimistic about the quality when buying suitcases, and be careful not to pack too much when packing. If this happens, it will take a lot of time from negotiating with the airport to repacking.

Precautions for luggages check in before the journey

4. Once the baggage or carry on backpack is damaged, you need to inform the airline's local baggage service representative in person before leaving the airport, or within 24 hours after receiving the baggage (for international routes, within 7 days).

5. Do not lock the checked luggage case to prevent the luggage from being opened forcibly during random inspection by the customs

All checked baggage will be inspected by TSA. The passenger's name and address must be written on the baggage. The name tag can be obtained from the luggage storage office at the airport.

For customs inspections, in addition to inspections by scanning instruments, the customs will also conduct random checks on unpacking luggage. When opening the luggage for random inspection, if the luggage is locked and the customs staff cannot open the luggage, they will force it to open. Generally speaking, the combination lock of the luggage is picked. If the luggage is pried open, the code lock must be broken.

Therefore, we recommend that you should not lock the code lock on the suitcase. Valuables and important documents should be carried with you, not in the checked luggage. In addition, you can also buy suitcases with TSA customs code locks. There are two ways to open this suitcase. One is to open with a password. The password is set by the passenger. The other is TSA's special key opening method. This key will be at the customs, so that only authorized persons can open the suitcase. This form is relatively safer.

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