Selection and Precautions Outdoor Travel Backpacks

Outdoor Travel Backpack is one of the most important equipment in outdoor sports, it is like our "mobile warehouse", so it is very important to have a satisfactory backpack. How to choose the best travel backpack?

How to choose a suitable travel outdoor backpack?

Types of backpacks

At present, the backpack mainly has the soft type day backpack, the outside frame bag and the inside frame bag and so on several kinds. A day backpack is similar to a student backpack.If we just go on a normal city trip, a day hike, or a day out in the country, no tents, sleeping bags, stoves, etc., just a day backpack will do.

The outer bag is a kind of large outdoor backpack commonly used. This bag has an H-shaped metal frame and can be hung with instruments such as a camera box and stove.The outer bag can be filled with a lot of items, and it is also convenient to use.The outer bag is not as comfortable to carry as the inner bag. Its carrying system mainly consists of thick shoulder straps, which makes it difficult for the wearer to balance when walking on complex roads.So, if we are going through woods, caves, small streams, or skiing, climbing, it is better not to use a backpack.

The outer bag

The inner bag is a large backpack that is more commonly used today. It was originally designed for mountain climbers, skiers, and difficult hikers. But it is now being used by more and more people. There are many pockets and  compartments so that you can pack your luggage such as travel toiletry bag easily. The inner bag also has a shelf, but unlike the outer bag, the shelf of the inner bag is placed in the chest of the bag and can be attached to the backpack wearer's body. A good inner bag can be adjusted according to the person's body shape, so that the backpack fits better and can distribute the weight reasonably.

How to choose a outdoor travel backpack?

A really good backpack should feel like a garment when worn.When buying a bag, be sure to choose carefully, it is better to focus on the following questions:

First of all, what kind of backpack is needed. For an outdoor athlete, the living environment is relatively bad, the conditions are more difficult, the journey is longer, more things to carry. Therefore, it is best to use the inner frame package.

Determine the size of the package.The capacity of the inner package generally ranges from 40 to 120 liters.For the average traveler, a 65 - to 75-liter bag will do the job, but for long-term campers, a 95-liter interior bag may be all you need.We should choose a load-bearing system that suits us.With the right support system, most of the weight (over 60%) can be transferred to the hips and hips, which makes our shoulders much easier and more flexible.Carry system besides the inside frame that carries above, still have a few kinds such as shoulder belt, belt and chest belt.

How to choose a outdoor travel backpack?

A good backpack allows you to change straps and belts according to your size, and adjust the weight distribution on your shoulders according to your physical strength and circumstances. Pay attention to the material and processing quality of the backpack .A good backpack should be made of strong and waterproof materials, especially the bottom of the bag, the strap, etc. - some easy to wear parts, but also should use super strength materials.The zipper on your backpack is also important because it can easily break if you're packing too much.The filling material between the inner frame and the body should be a slightly more flexible fabric, preferably a mesh cloth, for better sweat absorption.The inner side of the bag should be stretchable so that when you don't have a lot of stuff, your bag will look small and take up little space.This way, when you set up camp, pack your essentials in a backpack so you can have a small backpack that doesn't take up too much space in the tent.

Also, the pocket for the water bottle is useful.It is better to be able to hold things together. As long as the materials and processing quality is very good, as for the backpack brand, in fact, is not very important.




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