The Best Way to Pack a Travel Package

With baggage prices on most airlines rising, business travelers are likely to choose a carry on backpack.When you check your luggage, you want it to be compact and compact.This becomes a pressing problem when packaging your professional suit in a wrinkle-free manner.But with proper planning and carefully arranged bags, it can be done.

The Best Way to Pack a Travel Package

The trousers

Suit pants can be placed at the bottom of your bag because they are the easiest to fold and place.First fold the pants in half, then align the legs neatly with the crease - just like the way pants hang from a hanger.Fold the pants in half and put them in your bag, then carefully lay them flat.


Fold back the sleeves of your shirt like you would in a department store.Fold the bottom of the shirt behind it.Make this fold as downward as possible.If you have a large enough bag, the crease at the crease will fall below the belt line, so it will be completely hidden.If your shirt shows some small creases on the way, steam it out with an iron in the hotel.

The Best Way to Pack a Travel Package

Suit jacket

The suit jacket is the most difficult part of the garment to fold.Turn the inside of the jacket so that the lining is on the outside, but the sleeves are still in place. Fold the coat back over your shoulders so you can always look inside. Fold the jacket vertically in half and then as needed in a quarter, depending on the size of the bag. Fold it horizontally in half and stuff it into the top package. You can use a matein suit bag when you travel.


Fill your bag with professional accessories to ensure your suit stays in place.If your bag has a handle that makes the bottom uneven, line socks, underwear, pajamas, and casual wear until it's flat, then pack clothes.Tuck two or three rolls of socks gently around the collar of your shirt to avoid crushing. You can use a travel wash bag to pack toiletries. Shoes are big and dirty, so simply putting them on the plane avoids the difficult part of packing.

The Best Way to Pack a Travel Package






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