Tips for keeping lunch cool

You may bring lunch to work or school every day, so it’s important to keep all the food in your lunch bag cool. After all, who wants to eat rotten ham sandwiches?

Why do people who like to pack their own lunch during the trip or go to work and school prefer to carry an insulated lunch bag or lunch backpack? Because it is heat-reflective, the foil-like inner layer of the bag reflects the radiant heat energy of the food back instead of absorbing the food and allowing it to escape from the bag.

As a result, compared with ordinary bags, the food inside can maintain its original temperature, and the flavor and moisture can last longer. This means that the insulated lunch bag can also prevent food from spoiling like tin foil, but it can prevent spoilage to a greater extent.

Tips for keeping lunch cool

If you commute for a long time or your child always forgets to take lunch from the student backpack, please pay attention! This is the knowledge required to ensure food safety.

1. Frozen juice box or frozen water bottle
Even if your commute is short, it is a good idea to use an ice pack in your lunch pack. You can also put it in a frozen juice box or a frozen water bottle.

2. Beware of summer
In summer, food under the scorching sun can only be safe for about an hour. To prevent food from spoiling, place the frozen water bottle or ice pack in your lunch bag. At the same time, you can put the lunch bag in an air-conditioned place, rather than in the trunk of the car, because this is not the ideal place to keep your lunch cool.

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3. Don't cut fruit
If you eat fruit for lunch, it is best to keep the whole fruit. Because the uncut fruit can last longer. If you need sliced ​​apples or oranges, it is best to wait until you are ready to eat them.

4. Say "no" to paper bags
The days of lunch brown bag should be long gone! Storing backpack with cooler compartment is good for your health and the environment. Buying a backpack with a lunch box can organize your work stuffs and lunch well.

5. Choose food wisely
Now is not the time for lobster rice. Consider bringing some of the longest travel foods, such as peanut butter and jelly are classic choices, there is a reason!

6. Store food in insulated containers
Try to put perishable food in an insulated container, or put an insulated bag in a lunch bag. Reheat the food before packaging, or pack the refrigerated food directly from the refrigerator into the lunch box. Before actually eating the food, please do not open the lunch bag to avoid heat loss.

Matein Floral Lunch Box Laptop Backpack
7. Separate hot food from cold food
Even if some items are inside the bag and others are outside the bag, high-temperature items and refrigerated items should be stored separately.

8. Choose a lunch box with compartments
Everyone’s lunch is not only a sandwich, but also snacks, chicken drumsticks, fruits, etc. It is best to choose a bento box with compartments, which not only makes the lunch look organized, but also keeps the original flavor of the food in each compartment.



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