Tips for long-distance riding

Basic road knowledge you must know

In long-distance cycling, the main thing is to go along the road, and you will encounter various complicated traffic conditions on the road. You must understand the most basic rules of road survival; not only pay attention to the vehicles on the road, but also need to travel in a team, ride at night and cross Stay focused while tunneling.

Tips for long-distance riding

Let the car driver notice you as much as possible

When traveling with cars on the highway, you need to be vigilant at all times. In addition to taking the initiative to avoid, you must also maintain a "high profile" to let the driver notice you as soon as possible. Wear clothes that are different from the surrounding environment, or wear a reflective jacket and install a taillight. Remember, try not to choose camouflage stocks, because the low-key dress is not suitable for road survival. Whenever, don’t get lucky, thinking that other drivers will notice you.

Plan the day's route in advance

Before starting the second day of cycling, you should first understand the approximate route you are going to take, and avoid the situation where you are obviously going to take the national road but turn to the provincial road. As long as you learn to recognize street signs and mileage signs, you are unlikely to get lost when riding on a national highway in the wild. In addition, current mobile phones basically have navigation and map functions. Just in case, try to bring mobile power and paper maps to help find routes. If you are riding in the wild, you need to prepare dry food and water in your smart backpack.

Tips for long-distance riding

Formation skills for team riding

If you have a fixed partner in the riding, you must learn the skills of riding in formation. The leader breaks the wind, and the team following can reduce physical exertion by 30%. However, because the formation riding is fast and tight, In emergencies, serial crashes are prone to occur. Leaders should concentrate during the lead, be responsible to team members, and make good use of gestures to remind team members of the real-time road conditions, and keep the speed even and reasonable. It is best not to have more than five players in a single line. If there are too many people, you can form separate teams. Avoid riding side by side on narrow roads.

Pay attention to lighting during night riding

It is not suitable for frequent night riding during travel, because the visibility of night riding is low and the sense of speed is different, especially when you are not familiar with the road conditions, the potential safety hazards are also greatly increased, but when actually riding, we often rush on a small road. we need to equip the carry on backpack with riding lighting equipment at this moment.

Lighting device

The measurement of the headlight is of course the brighter the better, but to consider the battery life, it is best to prepare an extra battery. The lighting distance should be adjusted according to the riding speed. When the lighting distance is too far, the brightness will decrease and the lighting effect will be worse. If the light is too close, even if you see obstacles, it is too late to avoid. The illumination angles of the headlights and taillights are also very particular. The headlights should avoid horizontal and high-angle illumination of the headlights, otherwise it will be compared with the lights of the opposite car Convergence will form glare and bring hidden dangers to your own safety. The taillights generally illuminate the tire tangent position, not only to avoid glare to the rear car, but also to make the entire rear wheel very bright.

Tips for long-distance riding

Turn on the lights in advance for tunnel riding

When cars pass through the tunnel, they must stop and turn on the front and rear lights before entering the tunnel. The road in the tunnel is narrow. Be careful to avoid when running parallel or crossing with motor vehicles. At the same time, pay attention to the roadside and don't let the wheels rub against the roadside.




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