What are some safety tips for backpacking alone?

Many backpackers like to take a best travel backpack to explore and relax. There are also many women. So during backpacking alone, there are many things that we need to be careful. Here are a few suggestions:

What are some safety tips for backpacking alone?

1. Let family and friends around you know your whereabouts

Although traveling alone means adventure and excitement, it can be dangerous if friends and family do not know where you are during an emergency.

Whether it’s for your family’s peace of mind or your friends can contact you when they need it, I suggest you can draw up a list of the places and activities to your friends or family.

2. All important files are with you and backed up

ID cards, passports and visas, and even some medical certificates are all very important things. However, travelers move around frequently. In addition to thinking of some skills to protect these files, they should also be stored as electronic backups, and save in different files, such as emails, phone or social networks.

3. Don't tell anybody you are traveling alone
With the rise of the self-media, many people choose to travel and live broadcast to get more fans’ likes and attention. This also created opportunities for some criminals. In order to proect yourselves, please don't preach too much about traveling alone. When posting social updates, position yourself as far away as possible from your real-time location.

What are some safety tips for backpacking alone?

4. Women are not recommended to be alone on the street or on the road after dark

Especially in a strange city, it is difficult to predict the safety index. Even in a safe city, there is no guarantee that there is no crime rate. It is recommended to return to the hotel as soon as possible.

5. No matter which country you go to, you must buy a local phone card

I personally think this is the most important part of the whole trip. Even if you want a quiet journey and don't want to be disturbed by work or life, you can still buy a phone card as a backup in your carry on backpack. Even if the network is turned off, they can still call you an international number in an emergency.

6. Understand the local customs and beliefs

When traveling alone, you should understand and respect local customs and beliefs in advance. Careless offense is considered impolite by others, but it may also violate local laws and cause serious problems.

7. Be alert to strangers who suddenly treat you well

The defensive heart is not to doubt the intentions of others anytime and anywhere, but to put yourself in a more rational perspective and think about the results of accepting the benefits of others. When accepting the kindness of others to you, I hope everyone will seriously think about it: What benefits will he get if he helps you like this? From his standpoint, why should he help you?

8.Prepare a large travel backpack with anti-theft 

A hidden zipper pocket on back or alarm zipper can keep your passport, keep your wallet, passport and other valuables from thieves.

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