What are the necessary accessories for the suitcase?

When preparing to travel, some people like to bring a large travel backpack, some people like to bring a suitcase. When shopping for luggage, there are some accessories that are suitable for buying together.

1. Luggage strap: If the lock of the suitcase is loosened or broken, the luggage strap can prevent the suitcase from being completely opened. Checked baggage is sometimes treated rudely, so it is safer to have a luggage strap.

What are the necessary accessories for the suitcase?

In addition, there are various luggage straps according to different colors, patterns or brands, so you can quickly find your luggage in airports, stations, hotels and other places. TSA locks with luggage straps are a better choice.

2. Luggage scale: souvenirs, shopping items, etc. on the return journey will increase the luggage. Have you ever encountered the experience of going to an airport counter to check your luggage and being charged for overweight because of overweight luggage? In order to prevent this from happening, prepare a baggage scale first to avoid being charged for overweight baggage.

Most of the scales used for luggage are small and simple in structure. After packing the luggage, use a scale to weigh the luggage. If it is overweight, you can ship the excess part by using shipping courier. This way, the check-in procedure at the airport counter will be much smoother.

3. Luggage cover: The cover for the suitcase is also a good choice. If the suitcase cover is put on, it can prevent the exterior of the suitcase from being scratched directly. In addition, if you encounter a sudden torrential rain during the journey, putting on the luggage cover can protect the luggage from rainy. If you have carry on backpack, you can buy a backpack cover.

What are the necessary accessories for the suitcase?

The most important thing is that if you put on a luggage cover, you can recognize your suitcase at a glance, which is a great advantage of using a luggage cover. But be aware that remove the luggage cover before boarding the plane.

4. Luggage tag: It is like a name tag for a suitcase. When the luggage disappears after being checked in, you can retrieve the luggage faster. If there is a luggage tag, it will be a very important search for clues. But try not to choose a luggage tag where you can see the name from the surface, because occasionally it happens that the name on the luggage tag is peeked by someone and scams arise. You can choose a luggage tag that can cover important information.

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