What is a TSA Personal Item?

The safety regulations of the Transportation Security Administration may be the most nerve-wracking part of travel. Not only is it inconvenient to pass the screening, sometimes travelers may have some problems in their hearts. Does the liquid I carry with me meet the 3-1-1 standard? Is this carry-on luggage the right size? And personal belongings: If a traveler is allowed to carry one carry-on luggage, a jacket or an umbrella, and Personal belongings, what does it mean?

What is a TSA Personal Item?

Guidance and restrictions on personal belongings from the Transportation Security Administration

The Transportation Security Administration’s guidelines for cabin baggage are specific, although they vary slightly depending on the airline. In contrast, the rules for personal belongings are rather vague. Certain items, such as golf clubs and hockey sticks, cannot be carried on the plane, while other items, such as e-cigarette devices and lighters, can only be carried in carry-on luggage.
As for personal items, the term usually refers to items such as wallets, slim briefcase, laptop bags, or cameras. Pet bins can be considered personal items or carry-on luggage, and child safety seats, umbrellas or coats are not included. Mobile devices and walking sticks do not count as items that passengers can bring on board.

Backpack or handbag?

Because these regulations are rather vague, people sometimes use them, which is rude to other passengers at best. In the worst case, it may result in being taken away from passengers at the boarding gate and checked in as baggage. To avoid this, it is best to bring a personal item that fits the seat in front of you. Handbags fall into this category. A backpack is fine, as long as it is a small backpack-a small backpack will usually work. When deciding what to bring as a personal item, consider a bag, not luggage. Remember, personal belongings are not extra carry-on luggage.

What Is a TSA Personal Item?

Airline-specific restrictions

Ultimately, each airline has its own restrictions on personal belongings, and some restrictions are more specific than others. For example, Southwest Airlines and Delta Airlines do not have any clear regulations on personal items, except that they include wallets, briefcases, cameras, food containers, or business laptop backpack. On the other hand, United Airlines and American Airlines both stipulate the size of personal items-United Airlines is 9 inches × 10 inches × 17 inches; American Airlines is 8 inches by 14 inches by 18 inches . These airlines all stated that for people travelling on basic economy tickets, personal belongings are the only carry-on items allowed.
As travel guides are different, please visit the website of your airline before packing. Although the Transportation Security Administration may not be strict with personal belongings, airlines control what is allowed at the gate. It’s best to know in advance whether a certain type of luggage is allowed so that your travel plans can proceed smoothly.







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