What is in my carry on backpack?

This is the item you can find in my carry on backpack during a long flight.

1. Travel bag with passport and all travel documents
This is the first thing in the luggage I carry, because not having a passport means no travel. I will also put any printed tickets, vouchers or instructions required for any of my travel arrangements in my travel bag.

At the same time, bring a small money bag with my credit card and some store membership cards used overseas. Daily wallets are usually not taken for travel because they are larger and heavier. Instead, I brought a small wallet, just the size of a credit card and my prepaid travel money card, some banknotes and a few coins.

What is in my carry on backpack?

2. mobile phone
Needless to say, my mobile phone is a must-have for travel. Because this is my phone, camera, GPS, music player, boarding pass, etc.

3. Prescription glasses and sunglasses
I am myopia. For better vision at a distance and at night, I wear prescription glasses, so my glasses are something I will never leave when I travel. I always wear a good pair of prescription sunglasses in winter or summer.

4. Books or Kindle
As an avid reader, I always travel with a book or Kindle. Surprisingly, I can kill many hours in the flying time when I am reading a good book.

What is in my carry on backpack?

5. Earphones, neck pillows, eye masks, earplugs and scarves
Sometimes you just want to listen to your own music or podcasts on your phone, and the headset provided by the airline is not always appropriate. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to carry a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. I can also listen to my favorite music, podcasts or meditation apps to help me pass the time and relax.

Many times, in order to have a chance to sleep in economy class, I always bring a neck pillow, an eye mask and earplugs. I didn't use eye masks until the last few years, but I found it very effective.

Earplugs are also very important. They can block the cry of the baby and the noise of the drink cart while I sleep.

I tend to be very cold on the plane, so there is always a scarf or cashmere in my bag.

6. Basic cosmetics, combs, tissues, toothbrushes and toothpaste
When I reach my destination after flying in the air for 24 hours, I need to adjust my mental state as a whole. So my travel toiletry bag includes some basic cosmetics (foundation and lipstick), my hairbrush, some tissues, my toothbrush and toothpaste so that I can freshen up before landing.

This is some of my experience, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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What is in my carry on backpack?



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