What is the Best Lightweight Backpack for Travel?

Many people have begun to be familiar with lightweight outdoor equipment, the first choice is usually a light travel backpack. The primary purpose of using a lightweight backpack is weight reduction and travelling or climbing with ease.

Below we want to make your more clearly before choosing the best travel backpack.

Matein What is the Best Lightweight Backpack for Travel?
1. The net weight difference between traditional backpack and lightweight backpack

Comparing traditional large bags and lightweight backpacks, in the same liters, the backpacks weight difference is about 1~2 kg. These two kilograms can greatly reduce the base weight of the backpack.

For example, if the backpack has ten kilograms of contents, and the net weight of the backpack is the difference between 11 and 13 kilograms. There is no obvious difference to walk for one day or two days. However, after walking for more than five days, the joints of the whole body will feel more obvious.

Matein Goff Hiking Lightweight Backpack

2. The loading difference between traditional backpack and lightweight backpack

Lightweight backpacks like hiking backpack seem more excellent, but I think many people ignore the excellent supporting capacity of traditional backpacks, which can actually reduce a lot of load.
For example, a lightweight backpack of 11 kg will make you feel as heavy as 15 kg. A traditional backpack of 13 kg may make you feel it's only 12 kg. Maybe a lightweight backpack is not the best solution in this situation.

From the perspective of result. Weight data is easy to get into a myth, thinking that reducing the net weight of the backpack can reduce the burden on the joints. But in fact, if you are still used to carrying extra stuff, it is really not useful to reduce the weight of 1 or 2 kilograms. It is better to return to the traditional backpack, which may be more comfortable to carry.

Matein Goff Hiking Lightweight Backpack

Choose the best lightweight backpack based on the actual situation 

As an old saying goes, lightweight concepts and thinking are always more important than buying lightweight equipment. There is no distinction between good and bad equipment, and how to use it flexibly is the focus.

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