What is the hazard of carrying a heavy bag for a long time?

There are various styles of bags, including large travel backpacks, shoulder bags, handbags and so on. Backpacks can add charm, and at the same time, bags will bring hidden dangers to people's health. An incorrect backpack may deform or strain the spine of the body.

What is the hazard of carrying a heavy bag for a long time?

Carry the very heavy backpack has three hazards:

1. Neck muscle strain

Carrying a bag, the most direct damage is the muscles of the shoulder blades. When carrying a big backpack, the human body needs to lift up the shoulders to resist the fall of the backpack. In addition, the trapezius muscle is pressed by the strap, which may cause strain and cause ischemia and pain.

2. High and low shoulders

When carrying a large bag with one shoulder, the shoulder and neck will lift up unconsciously because one shoulder has to bear greater gravity. But in order to prevent the strap from sliding down, this lifting may be more serious. If one of the shoulders is used for a long time, it will cause unsightly high and low shoulders.

3. Muscle tension in the back of waist

The human body is like a scale, which way the spine will bend to which side carries heavy things. In order to balance the spine, the muscles on the other side will become tense, causing one side of the muscle to loosen and one side to tighten. Over the long term, some aseptic inflammations may occur in the tense muscles, such as muscle strain, or the dislocation of the small joints of the spine. Years of unilateral force can cause changes in the mechanics of the spine, and it is also possible to cause scoliosis.

How can we properly backpack to minimize harm?

1. Change shoulders frequently when carrying a shoulder bag. When carrying a shoulder bag, the shoulder bag belt is easy to slide, so women often unconsciously raise their shoulders to stabilize the shoulder bag belt. This posture keeps the shoulder muscles in a contracted state for a long time, which is easy to cause shoulder and back pain, and the shoulder joints that often carry a bag are also prone to muscle strain.

What is the hazard of carrying a heavy bag for a long time?

2. The backpack should not be too heavy. Try not to bring things that you can not bring to reduce the burden on your shoulders and hands.

3. If you must carry more and heavier items, it is best to use a wide straps backpack.

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