What to take in backpack for 1 week travel trip?

We all have a plan before traveling. Where and how long will we travel?Then we’ll consider what’s the best travel backpack should we take?

Matein travel backpack

However, the difference of luggage between long-term travel and short-term travel is the clothes,because other daily necessities are essential.

A trip for more than a week is considered a long trip. Whether it is a week or a month trip, the items you’ll bring are similar, because it is impossible to change different clothes every day like a short trip of 2-3 days. When traveling for a long time, a set of clothes is usually worn for a few days, or consider looking for a laundry service, so that you don’t have to bring too many clothes and add burden to the journey.

So when traveling in a week and traveling in a month, the luggage is almost the same.

When the destination and time are confirmed, then we’ll pack the luggage in a matein backpack.

Matein travel backpack

Before packing your luggage, you have to make sufficient preparations:checking the destination on the Internet, and choosing the clothes you need to bring according to the weather. You don’t need to bring too many coats, just add a few sets of inner clothes, so that the photo will be beautiful as well.

If you bring your belongings, your ID card and bank card must not be forgotten.

You can bring the toiletries if you don’t think it is too much trouble. If you don't bring them, the hotel generally provides disposable items.

Bringing a good book, you will have unexpected gains when you travel.

If you have outdoor activities, remember to bring an extra pair of shoes. A spare pair of shoes is very important when traveling.

You should take sun protection measures when you go out, sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen.

For girls, they also need to carry cosmetics, which can be packed in a small cosmetic bag for easy carrying and taking out.

Taking above items,then go to any where you like. However, the size of the bag that needs to be prepared depends basically on the clothes you need to bring, but one thing have to note is that if you’ll go by plane and in economy class, the allowed checked baggage is 20KG and you can carry no more than 5KG in your carry on backpack

Matein travel backpack

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