How to choose the best backpacks for high school?

Backpacks are preferred for high school students.

In high school, students still have to opt for backpacks instead of one-shoulder bags or canvas bags, because of their limited capacity.
The high school curriculum is much more than the middle school, the student backpack often weighs more than 5 kilograms, such a weight on the back of a shoulder bag is very easy to cause scoliosis, oblique shoulder and other problems.

best backpack for high school

Need to have ridge protection

The school backpacks for teens must have the ridge protection function, accord with the human body engineering principle, should have the complete bearing system. Excellent school bags can reduce the burden on the shoulders, which can reduce the shoulder pressure by 35% compared with the general school bags, effectively prevent spinal curvature and correct bad walking posture.
Back aluminum baffle, shoulder strap, chest belt, belt to be available, constitute an excellent student schoolbag a complete carrying system.Belt and chest straps hold the bag at the waist and back, preventing it from wobbling and reducing stress on the spine and shoulders. After the child carries the schoolbag, fasten the chest buckle, adjust the shoulder strap, better balance the decomposition of pressure, can effectively prevent high and low shoulder and hunchback, prevent irreversible injury.

how to choose the best backpack for high school

Good fabric with large capacity

The fabric needs to be safe, environmentally friendly and free of residue. It can be waterproof to some extent.Safe, healthy and odorless, the fabric is strong, wear-resistant and dirt-resistant, and has a strong waterproof function to prevent wet books in rainy days. The school bag should not ignore the design of the interior space. It should be reasonable and large enough to put all kinds of books, stationery and daily necessities in different categories. The backpacks with lots of pockets are popular these days.

Matein Tulia School Backpack

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