matein history

Our History

May 2014 Denver, Colorado. Me and Tom were sitting in the coffee for a little chat of my recent trip. The lost passport accident inspired us to create our own backpack brand. The brand name Matein was originally from Tom’s response to my startup idea, “Mate, I'm in!” Just like that, a symbol of companion and friendship gives its soul to the brand. Imaging the backpack is your best mate, carrying everything you need, securing every trip you take. That is one true mate!

Founder - Mike

Our Philosophy

For over a decade, we have been creating products that inspire people to go out and live passionate lives through user-friendly design, superior quality; exploring, creating, and living life in the moment!

Our Quality

Superior product quality stems from the fundamental belief that products not only need to be carefully designed to withstand the rigors of daily life, but also need to be made with the same integrity to ensure that they function effortlessly throughout their life.

We believe in the quality of zero compromise. During development and over 25 tests per production lot, we measured and analyzed each component to determine its performance under deliberately harsh conditions. Combining this with the careful selection of the best raw materials and manufacturing processes, we ensure that we provide consistent and reliable products that perform to the exacting standards that our customers already know and expect.

Our Commitment

Each product is carefully crafted with the finest materials. Only after rigorous testing and multiple quality controls, our backpacks are delivered to customers around the world.

Lifetime Warranty

for all purchases