Our Fund aims to:

1. Provide financial support, educational resources, and basic necessities to impoverished children. We also address issues related to nutrition and healthcare in impoverished areas, and help provide nutritious meals, medical services, and essential supplies to ensure these children can grow up healthy.

2. Regularly organize environmental protection activities in the company, mobilize employees to carry out scavenging activities to do their part to protect the earth.

3. Mobilize all employees to participate in a tree-planting activity, contributing their efforts towards protecting the environment and promoting future sustainability. Through this activity, we hope to convey the importance of environmental protection, ignite a sense of responsibility among employees towards the environment, and demonstrate our determination as a company in jointly assuming social responsibilities.

Thank you for your support and attention! Through your involvement, we can together create a brighter future for public. Let's join hands and bring hope and change to public!