Since its establishment in 2014, MATEIN has developed steadily and rapidly. It all depends on many friends who support MATEIN brand. Promise to all our Mate, MATEIN is always committed to creating high-quality products that can last a lifetime and want to give back to the society.

MATEIN is dedicated to developing strong community ties and active involvement with local organizations and events. If your organization needs MATEIN sponsor, we are alaways willing to give great support to you.

MATEIN hopes to delvelop goodwill and sound relationships with group and organization. Everyone can understand MATEIN in another way. This call “MATEIN Sponsor Project”. This project will stay forever in MATEIN.

We want to be a company that can inspire people to go out and explore a better world. No matter what type of organization you are, if you need MATEIN help, we are alaways willing to give great support to you.

Remind that your organization or event needs to be positive one. And Institutions that, in policy or practice, unfairly discriminate against race, ethnic origin, sex, creed, or religion are not considered.

If you need MATEIN help, please submit a request (below form) for a sponsorship.

  • Sponsor Organization/Group

    MATEIN proudly supports sports organization, school group or other positive organization/group that inspire everyone to be better.

  • Quantity

    We would sponsor more than 250 backpacks every month.

  • Evaluate Time

    MATEIN will thoroughly evaluates each sponsorship application; thus, it may take 5-10 days to response.