How to maintain your backpack properly?

For any outdoor enthusiast, a backpack is always the most crucial gear. In other words, it's the best companion on the road. It is not difficult for people to choose a nice backpack for their upcoming trip; business travel or school life as there are so many choices online. Unless you are the kind of person that fears to make decisions, and it's another bummer. But when it comes to how to maintain your backpack properly, people may barely understand the procedures. You could think of treating your backpack tenderly. But you can't demonstrate it in detail. So, what are the specific procedures to maintain your backpack? How to keep your backpack always in a mint condition? Here are some tips to help.

 1. Pack it right.

 Never overload your backpack, because it will damage the material of the backpack and loosen the stitching. Most of the backpack failures are related to falling apart stitching, think about why is this? Overloading is the root cause. So it's important to adopt skills to maximize the space without overloading.

2. Treat the backpack in a proper manner.

It is a an common sense that taking care of something will always help prolong its life. Backpack is not a exception, it's an investment that requires your tender care as well. Even though some backpacks are made of robust and quality material, but that's not the excuse to roughly treat your backpack. For example, most of the backpacks now are featured with rainproof exterior. But do u really think that exposing your backpack in a downpour is a good idea? The answer is 'no' of course. In this case, a rain cover could be a smart choice to prevent your backpack from getting soggy.

How to maintain your backpack properly?

3. Do not over-clean the backpack.

The backpack is not your t-shirt, so you don't need to clean it often. Some backpack possessors clean their backpacks on a regular basis, for example, they clean it one time per month. I personally don't think it's a good idea. In my opinion, you clean it when it needs to be cleaned is always the best technique. Remember, unnecessary cleaning should be avoided because it will only reduce the life of the backpack faster. One more thing that has to be mentioned is, you should avoid harsh soaps and stain removers when washing your backpack. They can erode the waterproof coating or even damage the fabric of your backpack.

 4. Do not handle the backpack by carrying its shoulder straps.

It's fine to carry your backpack on your back by using the shoulder straps. But using the shoulder straps to handle the backpack is a bad habit, because these straps are not designed for lifting the backpack from the rest. You should always pick up your backpack by the top handle or loop to reduce the stress on the strap stitching.

5. Do not force the zippers.

Although the zippers of the most backpacks are made of metal, it doesn't mean you can use the zippers to exert force. Even when something like cloth or other material is stuck in the zipper, forcibly remove them or force the zippers to past the snag will only compound the situation.

6.Close the buckles.

It is more likely that the fasteners of the backpack will be trapped or stuck in somewhere if they are not closed during transport.

In short, anything you bought is a investment and you should give out tender care to them. By implementing the tips I have outlined above, you will see the lifespan of your backpack is extended.

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