11 People You May Meet on Backpacking Trips

As the discussion about your latest adventure begins, you'll imagine all the new friends you'll make.In fact, this is one of the reasons you travel.Want to meet aborigines, like-minded people, and people who can teach you new things, introduce you to a new world, and become your new best friends. Shop best travel backpack

11 People You May Meet on Backpacking Trips

For almost every backpacker, this is inevitable.For each of these amazing and memorable characters, you'll find some that fit a different profile.These traits pop up almost every time you travel, and you won't forget them because their humor, annoying and even mundane ACTS of terror are embedded in your travel memory.

These people can be divided into 11 different groups, as shown below:


1. The cringe couple

They are usually OTT amorous.They refused to be invited to join the group, preferring the company of other equally popular couples.


2. The selfie besties

There are always the best couples who pay more attention to their selfie sticks and camera angles than to their impressive surroundings.They usually upload their moments in the Wi-Fi zone, and if they don't have a phone or camera, they'll never be seen and keep grabbing you for another shot.


3. The Rasta wannabe

Caucasian, always with long locks, beard and fancy tattoos, this guy probably hasn't been washed in a week.He will seek out experienced travelers and frighten you with his vast knowledge of the "most amazing" destinations that no one else has ever heard of.


4.  The fusspot

"Gee, this toilet doesn't flush...""But I only eat organic food...""My God, this jungle is dirty..."These characters cannot fully adapt to the backpacker lifestyle or understand that this foreign country does not exist in an effort to replicate the comforts of home.


5.  The home sick one

These people should stay at home.They miss their mothers, are almost bound to the computer field, and write down the countdown in their diaries.Sometimes prone to tears, they can use a hug from time to time.


6. The dudes

Those who made drinking alcohol and bicep training their top priorities.Usually, they are found on the beach in one of their tattered tank tops, and in the evening, they tend to go to the local bar to investigate talent.Their travel stories usually begin with the following: "Brother, remember that day we wasted, and then..."


7. The old guy

This is a man committed to a banker's job and a London lifestyle who desperately tries to add meaning to his life.He tried to be one of the "playboys", and sometimes even did, but his 50th birthday on the beach was a bit awkward. Shop rolling backpacks

11 People You May Meet on Backpacking Trips


8. The cling-on

You met them for an hour the other night.You drop the itinerary at random, and before you know it, this person is in bed next to you in three weeks, and you can barely move.


9. The bragger

They've been there, they've done it, and obviously even you've done it, but you're not as good as they are.The person can't help losing his name, and the patronage offer is at hand.


10. The newbie

The man was so enthusiastic, he was already too crowded.Having completely misjudged how many clothes they needed, their backpacks were new, shiny and very heavy.They bring an endless supply of travel spray bottles, guides and even a medical kit hidden somewhere. Shop carry on backpack


11. The guitar player

This guy was always popular, his guitar was permanently strapped to his back, and then a bunch of music lovers.He is a man worth holding on to.


11 People You May Meet on Backpacking Trips

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