4 Basic Types of Luggage for Air Travel

You need to know a little about each basic baggage in air travel to get the most out of each. The key is to find a reasonably priced model to add to your collection.

4 Basic Types of Luggage for Air Travel

The carry on backpack

Carry-on items are the key to your luggage.On shorter trips, where no special clothing or equipment is required, carry-on items may be the only luggage you need - although you may choose to carry a personal bag, such as a wallet or shoulder bag, that is suitable for carry-on items or luggage.Under the seat in front of you.

The Personal Bag

Use backpacks, weekend travel bags, small duffel bags, or large-capacity best travel laptop bag to minimize personal baggage allowance.They easily fit into smaller items suitable for "personal" items, such as a small wallet or a slim laptop case.My favorite personal bag is the travel computer backpack.There was room for my laptop case, a few light clothes and toiletry items, and it was the only backpack I had on my four-day warm weather solo trip.Either way, the ideal personal bag is hands-free, meaning it can be worn on the back as well as the shoulder, ideally with an adjustable strap.While more affordable than backpacks or weekend travelers, basic duffel bags may not be able to pick up both boxes.

4 Basic Types of Luggage for Air Travel

Checked Bag

If the trip lasts several days or requires special wardrobes or equipment, a larger suitcase will be required and will not fit in the overhead bin.Make it a soft-edge or extensible hard-edge rotator at least 25 inches tall.

The Large Duffel

Empty folded luggage can be packed in a regular suitcase even if you don't need extra cargo capacity on an outbound trip.It is ideal for picking up bulky souvenirs while travelling and even eliminates the need for international transport, which can cost more than any international checked luggage.Alternatively, you can use the suitcase as a laundry basket for dirty, damp clothes and keep it separate from clean items.

Sports duffle bag
Matein JM Duffle Bag - travel laptop backpack
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