5 Best Tips for Traveling with Golf Clubs

Golf has a very long history. After hundreds of years of historical precipitation, more people know about golf and like to play golf. The significance of playing golf is recognized and respected by more and more people.

5 Best Tips for Traveling with Golf Clubs

Just because you play golf doesn't mean you have to travel and play golf a lot. But if you really want to bring your golf balls before your trip, check out this article. 5 tips for traveling with your golf:


1. If you want to go out on a golf trip, you must check the golf travel bag as luggage. At this time, it is best to buy another travel-specific checked golf ball bag. The travel bag fits the regular golf bag completely and has two thick foam pads to wrap it around and secure it. There are many soft sponge pads in the inner layer of the checked bag, which can prevent the delicate golf equipment from being collided on the plane, and firmly protect the safety of the golf equipment.


Matein new golf bag can well meet the above requirements, so that your golf ball is protected in good condition. With thick all-round soft top padded layer, protect your golf club heads against accidental impacts and scratches during transit, and gives extra cushioning. The inside buckle strap could secure the golf clubs bag in place, provides fully protection for your golf gears at the airport checking and transporting in the trunk of car and ship.

5 Best Tips for Traveling with Golf Clubs


2. Try to take direct flights. The fewer times a baggage handler needs to transfer your clubs from one plane to another in a short period of time, the better. Not only is nonstop plane more convenient for you, but because of the shorter shipping time, there is less chance of anything happening to your favorite set. Also, damage is reduced as your luggage is not handled between transfers.

Pay a few extra dollars by booking a direct flight so you can get there faster and easier. Also try to find flights with less busy times at the airport so you don't have to worry about long queues.

3. Add some personal ID tags to your bag. Adding some brightly colored string or pom-poms will help you identify it quickly. Many bags also have space for business cards. Always add your full name, email address and phone number in your tag.

5 Best Tips for Traveling with Golf Clubs

4. Don't leave expensive electronics in your golf bag. An electronic product like a rangefinder or a GPS should be treated like a laptop- take it with you. And take pictures of everything in your travel bag - you may need proof if your stick gets lost.

5. Maybe you don't have a detachable club head. In this case, you want to make sure to fill any gaps at the top of the club to minimize the risk of bending or breaking. I wrap the tops of the longer clubs (the part sticking out of the golf bag) with a beach towel so they fit comfortably in my travel bag. You can fill the space with clothes, towels, and shoes. The less space in the bag, the more protected your clubs are.

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