5 Outdoor Cycling Safety Tips You Need to Know

Outdoor riding is a seemingly simple, but in fact a complex sport. People who know how to ride can not only exercise their body during outdoor riding, but also enjoy the scenery along the way, so you must follow these five precautions You know, friends who don’t know enough about outdoor riding should remember it!

5 Outdoor Cycling Safety Tips You Need to Know

Bring enough water

Cycling is a kind of endurance sport. Activities in this kind of hot weather put forward a test for the rider. Especially in the aspect of heatstroke prevention and sun protection, we must pay attention to timely replenishment of water and salt. Especially in hot weather, the perspiration of the driver is very large, and a lot of water needs to be added.

Sun protection is also important

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, so you must pay attention to it. It doesn't matter if you are tanned. The key is not to get sunburned. So you should apply a waterproof and sweat-proof sunscreen on the exposed skin.

Pay attention to supplement energy

In long-distance riding, high temperature and lack of water make it easy for riders to exhaust their physical strength. In this state, people have a poor appetite and basically do not want to eat. Therefore, a special food is needed to maintain physical strength. Energy bars became the first choice. You can put the food into smart backpack or portable storage bag.

5 Outdoor Cycling Safety Tips You Need to Know

Don't exercise on the road

Do not choose urban roads as a place for exercise when cycling, because car exhaust and dust are extremely harmful to people in motion. When riding a bicycle, due to increased exercise, cardiopulmonary function increases. If exhaust gas and dust cannot be avoided, the harmful gas passively inhaled will quickly spread throughout the body as the cardiopulmonary function strengthens, and then poison the body's organs. In the short term, it makes people feel uncomfortable and dry cough; after a long time, people will have a headache and become weak. Cycling exercises on the road for many years, passively inhaled exhaust gas may also cause lung disease.
Women in the menstrual cycle are not suitable for this sport on heavily polluted roads because their body resistance is weak. In summer, the sun is strong, and it is prone to heatstroke, and it is not suitable to choose the road as an event location.

Complete protective equipment (cycling clothes are especially important)

Because the helmet can effectively reduce the chance of a concussion when you fall off the car, the U.S. insurance regulations stipulate that you must wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, otherwise no compensation is required for an accident.

In addition, the commonly used protective gear when riding is knee pads, ankle pads, elbow pads, and wrist pads, which can prevent injuries such as sprains and contusions during driving. If riding a bicycle is used as a sport, then these protective devices must be equipped.

5 Outdoor Cycling Safety Tips You Need to Know



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