5 Steps of Backpack Customization

The customization of backpacks is becoming popular, and the demand for customized backpacks by large and medium-sized enterprises or gift companies is increasing. Enterprise custom backpacks must first find reliable backpack manufacturers, and most of the people who connect with backpack manufacturers are full-time corporate procurement personnel.
However, many purchasers do not understand the backpack customization industry, and they are even less aware of the processes involved in the production and customization of backpacks. Today, we will introduce the process of customizing the production of backpacks, hoping to help you.

The first process of backpack production customization

The version is made by the master of the version room according to the renderings. This version may be very different from the version in your impression. Those who say that he is a version are laymen. A drawing drawn on a white paper with a ballpoint pen, with detailed instructions on the top.

5 Steps of Backpack Customization

The second process is to make the sample package

The quality of this process largely depends on whether the paper format is standard. There is no problem with the paper grid, and the sample package can basically achieve the original intention of the design. There are several purposes for making sample packages. The first is to confirm whether there are errors in the paper format and to prevent serious deviations in the production of large-scale goods. The second purpose is to test materials and trial versions. Because even if the same fabric has different patterns, the effect of the entire backpack will be very different.

The third process is material preparation and cutting

This process is mainly for the advanced procurement of raw materials, because the purchased raw materials are all batches of rolled fabrics, which need to be cut, cut and stacked separately. As a pre-sewing process, every step is critical. The following is the style of the knife die, which is also completely made according to the paper pattern.

The fourth process is sewing

General backpacks are not too thick, and the entire sewing process can be completed by basically using a flat car. If you encounter a particularly thick backpack or a particularly complicated backpack, equipment such as a high car may be used in the final stitching process. Sewing is the longest process and the most critical process in the production and customization of backpacks. But strictly speaking, sewing is not just one process, it consists of multiple processes, including sewing the front panel, sewing the middle wall, sewing the back panel, sewing the lining, threading the shoulder straps, knotting, closing The sewing and other processes are combined together.

5 Steps of Backpack Customization

The last step is to accept the packaging

Generally, the whole package quality inspection will be done in the packaging process, and the substandard products will be returned to the previous process for rework. Qualified backpacks are individually dust-proof and packed according to the number of boxes required by customers. Most backpacks will be bundled and exhausted during packaging to reduce logistics costs and compress packing space, of course, because backpacks made of soft fabrics are not afraid of pressure.

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