5 Tips for Pop-Up Camping

The secret of the savvy camper's successful pop-up

The "pop-up camper" is located in the middle ground between the tent and the RV. Fundamentally speaking, the pop-up window is a sturdy wheel box, which is lighter and easier to operate than a large rig. The two ends are pulled out, the roof rises, and the canvas unfolds, creating a completely enclosed space with many comfortable homes. Successful pop-up enthusiasts know that practice and organization are essential.

5 Tips for Pop-Up Camping


Organization is the key to successful temporary camping. When the pop-up frame is folded, measure the height of the internal space and purchase a waterproof storage box to slide into the space. Store items in each box-cooking utensils in one, clothes in the other. When the "flash" of the camp is on, put the trash can outside under the bed to keep the space inside clean. Use a foldable dirty clothes hamper to hold dirty clothes and pour them into the garbage bag when they are full. When you leave the camp, put the bag by the door so that when you go home, dirty clothes will be convenient. Although the temptation may be strong, don't take shortcuts when packing your luggage. It will be easier to find things at the next camp.


Without practice, reversing is a torture. Find an open parking lot, set up traffic cones, and then return to various imaginary locations, such as narrow campgrounds or narrow roads. Experts recommend placing one hand at the six o'clock position on the steering wheel of the trailer, because the pop-up window will be in the same direction as your hand. Practice loading trailers and towing vehicles, and remember to fasten safety chains and electrical contacts. Set up the camp many times until you can finish it in a few minutes. This is a good preparation for the bad weather in the camp.

5 Tips for Pop-Up Camping


Bubble level is an essential tool for building a pop-up camper. Uneven ground causes campers to tilt, and tilted trailers can damage the refrigerator and make people feel uneasy when walking inside. Put the level on the top of the camper before opening, set the jack, and then check the level. Adjust the jack until the camper is level. Use basic tools such as socket wrench, screwdriver, and duct tape to assemble a tool kit. When you back up and enter the camp, a two-way radio comes in handy, and an observer tells you which way to go. Prepare extra bulbs for the trailer lights and prepare a voltmeter to check for short circuits.

No need for these

Bring only necessary clothing. It’s always good to wear more underwear, but if you don’t plan to wear them, just leave them at home. If you leave your favorite bathrobe at home, then bring moderate, warm pajamas and go to the bathhouse to take a shower at night. Leave expensive items at home to avoid damage. Try to use less basic cosmetics, such as soap and a comb. Perfume and other scented items will attract bugs; do not wear or hang air fresheners in pop-up windows. Leave the big camera with its smart travel bag, lens and tripod at home unless photography is the main purpose of the trip. Candid photos of smartphones work well.

Anything else?

The terminology rules used when discussing traction capacity: tongue weight, dry weight, axle weight, total vehicle weight. Check the trailer manual to understand the rated weight of the trailer, including the weight of loading and unloading. Pop-up campers usually weigh between 600 and 2000 pounds after unloading. Use a hooded van or small truck as a trailer. The extra storage space helps to free up pop-up internal clutter. Consider installing a larger mirror on the trailer to increase visibility. Moreover, because the "pop-up" tent is basically a fancy tent, people camping in Bear Country need to take the same precautions as people camping in tents.





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