5 tips for riding bicycle during the winter

Many people worry that it is difficult to ride a bicycle in winter, because the wind and snow will make the journey difficult. In fact, cycling in winter is just as fun as cycling in summer. You just need to take some precautions first. And bring the necessary things on your big backpacks, then you can start a cycling journey.

5 tips for riding bicycle during the winter
1. Prepare winter clothing
You must wear proper clothing when riding a bicycle in winter. Choose sweat-wicking fabrics, breathable micro-fleece clothes and waterproof jackets. This is essential for both comfort and safety. Your outer clothing should also contain reflective or high-visibility elements to ensure that other road users can see you when visibility is low. At the same time we recommend that you wear multiple thin layers so that things can be opened and closed as needed. It is very important to prepare a large travel backpack. It can store the clothes you take off or food supplies.

*Socks - Special socks for bicycles that consider breathability, heat insulation and humidity management are recommended.
* Gloves - wearing winter gloves will help keep your hands warm, while also holding the handlebars, braking and shifting gears.
*Shoes - make sure you have a pair of high-quality waterproof cycling shoes, which are essential for humid environments.
* Hat - not essential winter equipment, but a hat or headband can prevent ear discomfort.
*Glasses - riding glasses are ideal for preventing spray and sand from entering the eyes.
5 tips for riding bicycle during the winter
2. Start to warm up.
Before going out, drink a cup of hot beverage in a warm room. This will allow you to warm up the bike more comfortably. Don't start cycling when you are very cold, because your limbs will quickly become cold. It feels warm when you start riding, maybe even a little too hot. Alternating hot and cold is easy to make you feel uncomfortable.

3. Slow down the riding speed
The riding speed in summer can be very fast, but in winter, we suggest that you can slow down. Because you can't immediately predict whether there are ice and snow obstacles ahead. If you are not driving at full speed, you can be highly alert to your surroundings at any time. "Ride slowly and walk slowly. There are many visibility issues in winter, so be aware of anything that may be covered by snow,"

4. Clean your bike
Whether you are riding long distances or short distances, a winter bike has gravel, snow and ice can get very bad. It is best to wipe it clean with a brush and cloth before leaving the bicycle. Because the sled will freeze, it will be tricky the next time you ride. Rotate the wheels and drive the transmission system to remove ice or debris that can wear parts. Lubricate the contacts and your lock every night to avoid getting stuck in the cold. Or lubricate at least once a week. If there is a problem with the bicycle, it is best to solve the problem immediately. It is very important to solve the problem in a timely manner.

5. Ride with friends
Riding alone in winter is not necessarily bad, but riding in groups can also bring many benefits. This may be a more enjoyable experience, you can take turns to looking after each other, and sharing conversations can also make time pass faster. If you have a riding problem, don’t need to worry about solving it alone.


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