5 Tips to Keep Warm and Dry on a Ski Mountain

Nothing can affect your day in the mountains more than regulating your body temperature. No other outdoor sport needs a multi-purpose clothing system more than skiing. Let me think about it, first you sit on a frozen chair. Then, the wind and snow blow on your face, and you quickly go downhill. Then you walked through the apartment to the next elevator, but sat down again. Then you hike, sweat, ski, repeat, etc...

No wonder you will suddenly sweat, freeze your fingers, wear foggy goggles, and tremble all over! This season, in order to increase your time in the mountains and reduce your time in the hotel, please pay attention to the following 5 tips for keeping warm.

5 Tips to Keep Warm and Dry on a Ski Mountain

Stoke the furnace. Your body needs calories to stay warm. Eat a good breakfast, stay hydrated, and eat all day long. I like to eat grass all day instead of having a big meal every few hours.

Know your body. Are you passionate? Or do you often feel cold on your fingers and toes? Make a plan by choosing the right tools. Zippers, breathable clothing and layering help regulate heat. Insulating outerwear (with a hood!), mittens and chemical heat packs are great for people with insufficient circulation.

5 Tips to Keep Warm and Dry on a Ski Mountain

What is your plan? Dress for the day's activities. On a cold and smoky day in January, I knew I had to ride in front of the car all morning. A fluffy jacket, goggles and neck sleeves are all essentials. When the weather is blue bird, I have to hike every lap, and I will penetrate my breathable clothes so that I don’t sweat when I climb up. Take time to layer and delay, adjust your rhythm to avoid overheating.

Dry your equipment. If you ski in wet clothes, you may feel cold. Dry your gear quickly during a break (budget suggestion: use a dryer in the bathroom) or return home as soon as you are done. Boot pads and gloves are the most difficult to dry completely. Pull the pads and foot pads out of the housing and keep them close to the heat source. Your own boot dryer is a very worthwhile investment. Don't hesitate during the day and replace wet gloves and socks with dry ones.

Alright, skiers. Five tips for staying comfortable on the mountain this season.

The above are some of my experience, is there anything I can recommend?

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