7 tips for backpacking hiking with your dog

Dogs are our best friends. Hiking with yourdog, carrying a large travel backpack may be one of the happiest experiences of keeping a pet. This is not only a great way to exercise, but also a great way to spend quality time with your dog friends. Walking in the woods is a simple matter, but you can maximize your fun and your dog's safety by preparing well in advance.

If you choose to walk this path with your pet, here are seven tips for your reference so that your dog and you have time to enjoy life.

7 tips for  backpacking hiking with your dog
1) Let your dog hold the leash.
You don't want your dog to get lost during the hike. At all times, it is recommended to leash your dog to ensure that they will not run away when chasing a bird or a squirrel. Before hiking with them, your dog's safety should be the top priority.

2) Carry fresh water and a collapsible bowl.
It is possible that during your hike, your dog will be thirsty and put considerable pressure on the body. I don't recommend letting them drink from your water bottle or container, but instead recommend them a collapsible bowl that they can drink when they are thirsty. The water should be drinkable, clean, and the bowl should fit into your carry on backpack to carry it when hiking. Thanks to that bowl and water, your dog will be able to hike for a long time.

7 tips for  backpacking hiking with your dog
3) Bring some food for yourself and some snacks for your dog.
Hiking is a very challenging activity for you and your dog, so you need to make sure to bring some food. Your body needs food to function and get energy. This is no different for your dog. Make sure to bring some snacks for your dog, you can store it in your backpack. Especially if you are going to hike long distances, it is necessary for you and your dog to eat some food.

4) Buy a bag for your dog.
If you want to provide some activities for your dog during the hike, you can buy a dog-specific backpack for your dog. It will be cool for your dog to wear it, which will also help reduce the burden on your own backpack, and it will be fun to let them bear their own weight in terms of snacks, bowls and water. I suggest that you let your dog carry a lightweight backpack, so that he can carry it without any pressure.

5) Carry a first aid kit with you.
Medical emergencies may occur, so it is best to prepare a first aid kit for you in case of an adverse event. You want to make sure you can take care of yourself and your dog in case you get hurt. Having bandages, antibiotic ointment, alcohol and other basic items in your light travel backpack can make hiking more secure. If you care about your pet's health, you should carry a first aid kit with you.

6) Avoid bad weather conditions.
If you are going on a hike with your dog, make sure you make sure that the day is not too hot, the humidity is moderate and there is no strong wind before you go out. In addition to these conditions, avoid hiking in extreme cold or when there is a lot of snow and rain. Your dog is still sensitive to various factors outside, so you want to check and keep watching if they are panting from the air, have frostbite, or drool due to overwork. Before you start hiking, make sure the weather conditions are good for you and your dog.

7 tips for  backpacking hiking with your dog

7) Stay away from wild animals.
Keep your dog a safe distance from wild animals. Stay awake and don't touch bears, snakes, or even scorpions. Both dogs and humans are vulnerable to wild animals, so make sure your hiking trails are safe.

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