8 Tips for carrying school bag

Simply, there are three kinds of student bags, namely school backpack, one shoulder bag and backpack with wheels. These are 8 tips for carrying a school bag or backpack.

1. The shoulder strap of the backpack should be thick and equipped with padded, chest strap and waist strap. This can make the school bag more stable, while transferring part of the weight on the shoulder to the pelvis).

2. The back of the school bag must be wide enough to have enough support. And the back cushion material of the school bag should be breathable.

3. The bottom of the schoolbag should be wide enough, so that it is easier to put textbooks, and there should be enough compartments for students to learn to store and manage their own things, but the compartments should not be complicated.
8 Tips for carrying school bag

4. It is better to have a book fixing strap in the schoolbag, which can concentrate the weight of the book close to the back. When placing books, place heavy books near the the students'back and light books on the outside.

5. If the shoulder strap of the schoolbag is too long, it will cause the body to lean back easily and burden the spine. Therefore, the shoulder strap should be adjusted so that the schoolbag is located between the shoulder and waist, and it is not suitable to carry it too low.

6. If there are too many books, you can hold the extra books in front of your chest with your hands, so that the weight of the books can be evenly distributed before and after your body. Be careful not to hold the book in a bag and hold it in your hand, otherwise you will have a high and low shoulder problem easily due to unilateral force on your body.

8 Tips for carrying school bag

7. If it is a school backpack with wheels, it mainly depends on the child's school environment. If there are more flat roads and the weight can be slightly increased, the total weight of the school bag should be controlled at 10% to 15% of the body weight. Because the wheeled backpack itself has weight, there are fewer books that can be placed than a backpack.

In addition, the handle height of the rolling bag should match the height of students. You need to change to the other hand to carry rolling backpack after 10 to 20 minutes.

8. If you choose a one-shoulder schoolbag. Only one shoulder is stressed, it is easy to cause muscle imbalance and even spinal misalignment. To avoid such symptoms, one shoulder school bags should be lighter and the weight should be controlled within 10% of body weight. Change the shoulder on the other side every 10 to 20 minutes.

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