9 Tips to Make Your Trip Perfectly

Presumably, when you are traveling, you will definitely take various means of transportation, including trains, planes, ships, etc. Then, what tips or tricks are there during the trip? Let's take a look at our sharing!

The first tip is to check the weather conditions of the destination in advance. No matter where you are going, you must understand the local weather changes and prepare suitable clothes for your smart travel bag.

9 Tips to Make Your Trip Perfectly

The second tip is to prepare your passport. Now that you know that you are traveling, you must bring your passport. Don't find that you don't have a passport until you register. Then you can only say goodbye to the plane travel.

The third tip is that there is no need to arrange the itinerary too full. When traveling, some people always arrange the itinerary to be full. They like to go from one place to another. People are more tired than going to work. In this case, it is recommended to delete some uninteresting itineraries, and then make travel easier and slow down the pace.

The fourth tip is to go to the small restaurant on the side of the road to see if there is a different flavor of food? As for food, everyone wants to eat authentic food. We know Korean pickle and army pot, Japanese tempura, etc. Therefore, you can only eat authentic food in the local area. You don’t have to blindly search for very famous restaurants. Sometimes in a small restaurant on the side of the road, you may be able to eat the local authentic delicacy.

The fifth tip is to find a suitable pair of shoes. When traveling, there are a lot of beautiful scenery waiting for you to watch, so you must choose a suitable pair of shoes during the trip. This is very important. Of course, travel shoes are also There are taboos, such as thin soles, no laces, small shoe sizes, airtight shoes, and high heels.

9 Tips to Make Your Trip Perfectly

The sixth tip is to bring some cash. I believe that in China, everyone is accustomed to the convenience of mobile payment. However, there are still many small shops abroad that use cash for transactions, so you must remember before traveling. Exchange good local cash.

The seventh tip is to bring medicines with you. You are not going to buy anything you want to buy while traveling, especially medicines. Once you have a cold, fever, headache and brain fever, if you don’t have the right medicine around, your body will suffer. These medicines include motion sickness medicine, cold medicine, antidiarrheal medicine, allergy medicine, anti-inflammatory medicine, band-aid, etc. Remember to prepare medicine to prevent mosquito bites in summer. Get a travel toiletry bag to storage your accessories.

The eighth tip is to bring as little luggage as possible. You must make sufficient preparations before you travel. After all, you are going to travel. You don’t need to bring everything. You don’t need to put everything in your luggage, like things you can’t hold In the box, such as "I don't know if I can read a book", "I don't know if I will apply the mask" and so on.

The ninth tip is to figure out the local folklore. I believe everyone has heard of the term "going in the countryside". No matter which country you go to, you must first understand the country’s taboos and folklore so that you can avoid it. Necessary trouble, for example, when in Thailand, do not sign with a red pen. When in India, you can only eat with your right hand. When you go to a temple in Myanmar, you must first take off your shoes.

9 Tips to Make Your Trip Perfectly

Do you have any better travel tips? How many of these nine travel tips do you know? Welcome to comment below.

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