A Packing Checklist for Business Trips

When I just graduated from college and received my first interview, I did not really understand what does the beautiful Human Resource lady mean to have frequent business trips. I believe most workplace rookies like me can not help imaging travelling abroad for work and enjoying a change of scenery from the office. Frequent business travelers are often just that, alone. The cold hard reality is that business trips are not always comfortable. After spending sleepless night in different hotel beds and experiencing unexpected flight delays, you might change your mind. This packing checklist from your friend Matein Backpack offers you a comparably comfortable business trip.

1.Back-Up Travel Documents  

It must be a nightmare if you lose your  passport in a foreign country. But if you make copies of all of your important travel documents once (license, passport, green card, etc.) and store a set permanently in a pocket of your travel laptop backpack, it will save you out of the plight.

2.Catch up on sleep: eye mask, neck pillow, earplugs

In a trip,  travel inevitably takes up a large part. Especially for business people who need to catch an early flight, it’s better to catch up on sleep on the plane to replenish energy for the next busy business trip.

But most of the time, the cabin environment are inevitably somewhat unsatisfactory: the crying child, the glare of the light, and the sore neck casued by wrong sleep gesture. With eye mask, neck pillow and earplugs, they can shield all external factors and help you have a good sleep on the road!

3.Passing time: books, tablets, snacks

For those who need long-distance travel, or other friends who need to spend time on the train, entertainment must be essential! Bring a book you like, or download a few episodes of your favorite TV series and a few movies you like. In this way, you can start enjoying your time alone by wearing headphones!

4.Mobile Hard Drive

Many businessmen will worry about the loss of important documents? Mobile Hard Drive can ease your stress. Not only is it great for storing back-up copies of that important presentation, but you can use it to get copies made easily at your hotel's business center. It can keep data and files safely. Even if you travel long distances, you don't have to worry about missing files.

5.Matein Backpacks

Our travel backpack comes with small size and large capacity, and it can be used comfortably. It is highly recommended for your business trips. You can put your laptop in your Matein Backpack and take it to plane with you. Thus, you can deal with your work at any time.


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