Can I Bring Laptop on International Flights?

A laptop is one of those things people don't want in their luggage.

Everyone has seen the headlines about people having problems at airports using electronic devices with lithium batteries. Laptops also have lithium ion batteries, so people are naturally concerned. 

And traveling on multiple laptops is even worse, so many people have been worried about potential security issues at airports.

Can I Bring Laptop on International Flights

To do so, be sure to follow the TSA guidelines and some practical tips.

And traveling on multiple laptops is even worse, so many people have been worried about potential security issues at airports.

The Basis

The TSA advises travelers to carry laptops on both international and domestic flights, rather than checking them, because it reduces the chance of damaging them during transportation and gives security personnel better access to them for security purposes.According to the TSA, don't worry if you plan to carry another tsa backpack on an airplane -- your laptop doesn't count as carry-on.If you carry a spare laptop battery, be sure to pack it in your own box or plastic bag to prevent the terminals from touching anything that could short-circuit the battery. Do not place the recalled batteries on the aircraft.Visit the battery manufacturer's web site to find information about your battery recall and to find TSA recommended battery verification that has been tested by an independent body, such as the INTERNATIONAL Electrotechnical Commission.

Through Safe Flight

If you travel a lot, you should be familiar with the TSA process -- take off your shoes and belt, empty pockets, and take your laptop out of secure travel backpack.What you may not know is that the TSA only requires you to take standard 12-inch to 14-inch laptops out of the case, according to Bob Burns on the TSA blog.So if you've recently jumped on the train with a tiny laptop, there may be fewer steps to go through a security check, although Burns says TSA officials may ask you to unload the smaller laptop if they can't see it.The X-ray machine.

Can I Bring Laptop on International Flights


Among hundreds of other passengers in a hurry, the confusion of hurrying through security guards can be at best painful when you take your laptop in the middle of the airport, and at worst a risk of theft.If you want to increase the chances that TSA officials will allow you to put your laptop in a bag, choose a laptop bag design that is suitable for checkpoints.Butterfly, triple and sleeve bags are more likely to get a clear X-ray image when the laptop is put in the bag.TSA does not recognize specific brands and still reserves the right to re-examine your bag, so make sure it's flat on the belt without a zipper or pocket blocking the machine's view from the laptop to increase the chances of a safe voyage.

Keep a safe

Whether you're leaving the United States or waiting for a connection in Warsaw, watch out for airport Wi-Fi.Fraudsters can set up fake networks in airports that can be used to break into your computer while you are connected to the network.To prevent this, check the details of each network.If you see anything indicating that it is peer to peer or computer to computer, skip it.On the plane, choose under-seat storage for your laptop.Overhead bins are more spacious, but if there is turbulence, their luggage is more likely to be hit.

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