Can you Bring Food on a Plane?

We have all experienced this: mid-flight, your stomach begins to growl. Because there are no snacks in your wallet or bag, you are destined to spend another $12 on a plate of pre-packaged cheese and slightly stale biscuits. But what if you can pack the food you want?

Eating healthy snacks on the plane can help you avoid jet lag at the end of the journey. The best way to stay energetic without spending all your money is to bring some snacks from home to nourish your body during the flight. When you pass the transportation safety inspection, don't worry that your carefully prepared snacks will be thrown into the garbage dump. Through our helpful Q&A and some advance planning, you can eat nutritious snacks on the way to your destination, and even enjoy a complete family meal.

Can you Bring Food on a Plane?

Q: What food can I bring on the plane?
Answer: When you bring food on the plane, your choices will only be limited by your imagination and some TSA regulations. Depending on where you fly and your habits, you can usually bring most meats, fruits, vegetables and other non-liquid foods.

Q: What about peanut butter and other semi-solid foods?
A: You mean, if you can squeeze out, spray out, or pour out, your food must comply with the 3-1-1 rule of the Traffic Safety Administration. This means you must pack it in 3.4 ounces or smaller containers. Pack 3-1-1 items in a quart-sized zippered plastic bag. The last "1" represents one bag per person, so your semi-liquid food must share a space with your 3-1-1 sundries, such as toothpaste and hair spray.

Q:Can I bring a cooler?
A: As long as your freezer meets the airline's carry-on baggage requirements, the Transportation Security Administration has no problem with the way you carry food. If you plan to use ice packs or ice cubes, they must be completely frozen when you arrive at the Transportation Security Administration security check. If there is liquid at the bottom of your container or your ice pack partially melts, they will confiscated it. Avoid confiscation using dry ice. The FAA allows a maximum weight of five pounds as long as it is discharged.

Q: What are the exceptions?
A: If you need to bring breast milk, fruit juice or formula milk powder for your child, tell the transportation security administration staff at the beginning of the inspection that you have more than 3.4 ounces of milk powder in your carry on backpack. These foods do not need to be packed in quart-sized bags, they will be subjected to x-ray inspection or explosive residue detection. If you must carry liquids for medical reasons, use the same procedure.

Q: Can I bring food from abroad?
A: If you fly to the United States from another country, make sure you only bring things that can be consumed on the plane. Otherwise, your fruits, vegetables, meat, and eggs may be discarded by customs because they may carry pests or diseases into the country. If you can't leave the local flavor, you can check the fruit and vegetable import requirements website of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Can I bring food from a foreign country





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