Carry Your Backpack the Right Way

When I was at school, a cool way to carry a backpack was to hang it over one shoulder, the strap hanging loose, and pretend you didn't want to be there.Not much has changed in that respect, but over the years I have had to shake off the habit and figure out the right way to carry my backpack.That's because When I use my laptop, charger, notepad and other devices, I often bear a lot of weight.As time goes by, if I continue to stand on one shoulder, I may be asking for a back injury.

Therefore, after research, I found the right way to carry the backpack. It's more complicated than having two straps on each shoulder.Here is a breakdown of the five simple steps.

Carry Your Backpack the Right Way

1. Loosen the belt first

Each time you put the backpack on, start with the elastic strap and adjust it for comfort.This is because you don't always carry the same items, and depending on the volume and weight, the belt may be placed slightly differently each time.You also need to tighten the belt according to the straps on your backpack.There will be more soon.

2. Put a belt around each shoulder

Ok, that sounds obvious, but tell me about high school students.The correct way to carry a smart backpack is to wear a belt around each shoulder.This way, you can distribute the weight evenly in the center of your back.This not only helps avoid injuries, but also makes daily carrying more comfortable.

3. Adjust your belt

If your bag has a backpack-like belt, be sure to clip it to your waist and tighten it first. This is because if your hips carry most of the weight of your bag, your shoulders will feel less tired in the long run. Keep the strap looking good and comfortable to make sure it actually weighs less.

Carry Your Backpack the Right Way

4.Adjust your shoulder straps

The next step in carrying your backpack properly is to make sure your shoulder straps are comfortable and comfortable.It's too loose. The weight of the bag will tip you over backwards.It's too tight, things crunch on the back, or are unnecessarily high on the shoulders. Keep the shoulder straps of the backpack forward and firm to limit lateral movement and maintain comfort.

5.Adjust your sternum straps

Finally, buckle the sternum strap over your chest. The idea is to pull the straps toward each other, so you don't pull your shoulders in the opposite direction, and you don't put strain on your back.If you have this belt on your backpack, adjust it so that the belt is slightly tensioned, but not too tight. Similarly, the more comfortable you are, the easier it will be to carry your stuff to and from work or the airport.

Extra tips:

If you're carrying a significant amount of weight in your bag, it's best to place heavy items at the bottom of the bag.The first reason is that when things are at the bottom, they don't pull as hard as you do.Therefore, losing weight will provide long-term comfort. Another reason is that heavy items may crush your lunch or other delicate items.Therefore, by putting them in the first place, you are more likely to avoid any accidents.

For extra mental comfort, it's best to bring a anti theft backpack with charger Locking zippers, anchor straps and RFID security bags are all great ways to protect your belongings and peace of mind.

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