Classification of luggage patterns

From the perspective of artistic design, pattern can be said to be a kind of pattern decoration, which has specific decoration and practicality such as smart backpacks. In the pattern design of luggage products, patterns and craftsmanship are inseparable, and they complement each other and complement each other.

In luggage design, luggage patterns are usually created and designed according to the characteristics of luggage modeling, color, style and process requirements. Luggage products have produced colorful changes and performances because of the pattern decoration and shaping.

In the design of luggage products, patterns play a very important role in the performance and shaping of luggage styles. In luggage products, there are the following different pattern designs and their performance.

1. Classification of luggage patterns
Through the various pattern surfaces of luggage products, luggage patterns can be classified according to their categories as follows:

(1) The logo of luggage products

The logo of the product is an important aspect of the product pattern. Generally speaking, the logo of the luggage product has both language and image, and it has both monochrome and multi-color designs. When designing the logo mark into the decorative pattern of the product, there are different arrangements. The logo mark can be made into a certain part or a certain point on the bag, or it can be spread all over the surface of the material.

As shown in Figure 6-1, Louis Vuitton’s bag product is a full-face logo design, a combination of letters and flower patterns; as shown in Figure 6-2, it is a Chanel double "c" handbag, the logo is arranged in The conspicuous position of the middle and lower parts of the bag makes the product have a very obvious identification effect. The expression of this pattern is chosen by many brand bag product designs.

(2) Pattern formed by weaving raw materials

This pattern is formed with the material of the bag components. The organizational structure, color and material formed by the pattern and weaving are in a unity, which is actually part of the woven design, and the pattern design is generally at the forefront of fashion. Due to the use of complex and changeable techniques and color configurations when weaving, the appearance of the weaving is different. At the same time, due to the changes in the thickness, width, texture and color of the woven material, the weaving pattern presents a bumpy light and dark, colorful effect , It is of unique artistic appreciation value.

As shown in Figure 6-3, the hot topic bags in the picture is a wavy weaving pattern with a wide, narrow and dense design using leather strips. The pattern is concave and convex, and the waves are natural and relaxing. It is a fashion design with a strong sense of art; The colorful woven bag shown in 6-4 is made of two-color woven material with fixed hardness and flexibility, so that the surface of the bag presents a pattern of dark and light colors, and in the middle of the pattern, the structure is woven up and down. The unfolding of, forms the surface effect of single color and double mixed color, the appearance effect is bright and colorful.

(3) Patterns formed by weaving or dyeing and finishing materials

Textile materials are woven, dyed and finished, or leather-like materials undergo special surface treatments to form various patterns, including plants, animals, characters, buildings, sun, moon and stars, etc., or cracks, lasers, and fluorescence Various surface special effects. If you choose such materials to make bags, the patterns on the materials will become the patterns of luggage products. Therefore, the choice of material also selects the pattern design of the product, as shown in Figure 6-5 and Figure 6-6.

(4) The pattern of the natural leather material itself

For natural leather materials, different types of leather have different pore arrangements and surface textures, especially special animal skins and reptile skins. The patterns are very beautiful. The crocodile pattern bag shown in Figure 6-7 is due to The unevenness, thickness and density of the animal's scales are very beautiful; the ostrich leather bag shown in Figure 6-8 has relatively large pores after the ostrich feathers are removed, and there is a raised point-like shadow , Forming a beautiful regular dot pattern.

Classification of luggage patterns
Figure 6-1 Pattern of Louis Vuitton bag
Figure 6-2 Chanel Double C Clutch
Figure 6-3 Wave woven bag
Figure 6-4 Color woven bag
Figure 6-5 Grid strip pattern package
Figure 6-6 Flower-shaped pattern package
Figure 6-7 Crocodile pattern bag
Round 6-8 ostrich leather bag

 (5) Patterns given by decorative means

In addition to the above-mentioned patterns and patterns integrated with the material, there are many patterns that are given by other means or methods, such as embroidery, stitching, stitching, ironing, weaving, three-dimensional flowers, etc., patterns imparted by different decorative techniques The effects and characteristics are different, but they all have a very good decorative effect on the package body, as shown in Figure 6-9 and Figure 6-10.

Classification of luggage patterns

Figure 6-9 Patterns formed by stitching
Figure 6-10 Pattern formed by hand drawing

Therefore, the design of luggage patterns includes two categories: specialized design and utilization design. Specialized design is a pattern decoration design for a particular bag; utilization design is to use the original pattern for purposeful and targeted conformal decoration design. Large carry on bags are directly made of fabrics with patterns, but the fabric patterns are not luggage patterns. There is a process of transformation and re-creation between the two. Fabrics with the same pattern, used in different objects and decorative parts, will produce different aesthetic effects. The same style of luggage with the same pattern of fabrics, due to different cutting and splicing methods, the pattern effect will also be very different.

This re-creation of the luggage pattern makes the original single fabric pattern present a colorful visual effect, making it suitable for a wide range of material patterns to be specific, individualized and diversified.

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