Clothing and Gear Tips for Cold-Weather Hiking

The climate is cold in winter, and keeping warm during mountaineering is particularly important, so bring enough clothes and put them in a large travel backpack. Loss of temperature due to the "wind chill effect" or "water chill effect" can cause colds, frostbite and even fatalities. Therefore, winter mountaineering should pay attention to cold and moisture, to avoid mild hypothermia.

Use and carry appropriate mountaineering equipment, develop good habits, will effectively avoid the occurrence of mild hypothermia:\

Clothing and Gear Tips for Cold-Weather Hiking1. Three-tier dressing principle: When climbing in winter, as long as you pay attention to the coordination of different clothes, you can keep warm. Each different kind of clothing can provide different functions. Therefore, the three-tier dressing method can integrate the characteristics of different clothes, so that the body can still maintain a good state during exercise, and achieve the functions of perspiration, warmth and windproof.

In severe cold weather, in addition to the warmth and windproof functions of clothes, the inner layer of sweat-wicking and quick-drying clothes that keep the skin dry is also indispensable. Therefore, it is very important to choose appropriate equipment for carry on backpack. In fact, when doing outdoor sports, the layered dressing method can bring you the best results. The layered dressing method can be divided into three layers: the bottom layer of clothing is the clothing close to the body, the middle layer of warm clothing, and the outer layer of windproof clothing.

①Bottom clothing: The first layer is the bottom layer, this layer of clothing is particularly important in cold weather. Wearing clothes in cold weather requires different levels, because each level has a different function and will coordinate with each other to achieve the desired effect. The bottom layer is mainly to excrete human body sweat in the shortest time and keep the skin dry. Sweat will quickly take away body temperature and may form ice under cold air. Therefore, it is an inevitable step to keep the sweat away from the skin surface as soon as possible.
Clothing and Gear Tips for Cold-Weather Hiking②Middle layer of warm clothing: The second layer is middle layer of warm clothing. Down outerwear is a very effective thermal layer. Down outerwear emphasizes maintaining body temperature. Down has the advantages of light weight and excellent warmth retention. The higher the weight of all down filled in the down jacket, the more warm it is. The thermal performance of down is particularly suitable for severe cold weather.

③Outer clothing: The third layer is the outer clothing, this layer of clothing has the function of windproof and waterproof. Because this layer directly touches the outside environment, the clothing design should be very meticulous. At the same time, you should select high-performance fabrics are used.

2. When you stop exercising, your body will feel cold. So add clothing when resting, and the rest time should not be too long.
Clothing and Gear Tips for Cold-Weather Hiking3. Even if the temperature is very low, you will still sweat during heavy exercise. When underwear, socks, etc. are wetted by sweat, the body will emit a lot of heat. So you should put on dry clothes immediately after arriving at the camping site or going down the mountain.

4. For activities in areas with low temperature, hats, headscarves, and gloves can prevent the body from cold and should be carried with you.

5. You should bring a raincoat when climbing, in addition to rain and wind.

6. In an emergency, the first aid insulation blanket can effectively maintain life.

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