Common problems and solutions of luggage

Many people use large travel backpacks and rolling suitcase when traveling. The luggage can hold enough clothes, and the travel backpack can carry valuable things, such as laptop. What should I do if there is a problem with luggage during travel? The following are three common problems and solutions of luggage.

Common problems and solutions of luggage

1. The telescoping handle is stuck

When the telescoping handle cannot expand and contract freely, you cannot be pulled out or retracted forcibly. Forcible force will cause the telescoping handle to get stuck easily. When the telescoping handle of trolley case is stuck, most user will continue to use brute force. This is useless , making it unusable and delaying travel. The correct method should be to add engine oil or vegetable oil to the joints of the telescoping handle. So the lubricated telescoping handle can basically expand and contract freely.

Common problems and solutions of luggage

2. wheels are stuck, loose or fall off

If you feel that the wheel is obviously not smooth, you can apply lubricant to the bearing of the wheel at this time. But if the wheels are loose or even likely to fall off, please do not continue to use the damaged wheel and use the other side of the wheel, or don't use wheels. If possible, you can use the corresponding tools to tighten the screws of the wheels. If you can't find the screws, you can find a shop nearby who has repaired the luggage and the relevant technicians will help you solve it.

3. The softside luggage or hardside luggage is damaged

If it is a hardside luggage, but it is a little broken, you can use the universal glue on the market to repair it by yourself. If the softside luggage is broken, you need to find a repair shop to repair it. If the location of the rupture is too large or even affect the use, you can only buy a new luggage. You can choose a good quality travel backpack with wheels, which is not easy to cause rupture.

4. Cracked zipper

Place your luggage according to the capacity of the suitcase and do not exceed the carrying capacity of the suitcase. The bumps in the process of traveling by car or consignment can easily cause the zipper of the heavy luggage to burst. If the zipper breaks, you can use a pin to temporarily deal with it. you can take a few pins when you go out, just in case such problems arise.

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