Common Sense Guide to Use Working Bags

If you live in a big city, work is often interspersed with life. Therefore, many office workers are accustomed to carrying a bag, such as a 15.6 laptop backpack, shoulder bag, handbag, etc., so that they can work or store personal belongings at any time.

Common Sense Guide to Use Working Bags

If the handbag is not properly matched in the workplace, it will have a significant impact on personal image. Let us understand the common sense of work bags and avoid embarrassment in the workplace.

1. Things should be neatly placed in the bag
Before going out, you should pack all the items you carry with you in a predetermined position in the bag as much as possible, and the items should be arranged neatly and orderly. Try not to put personal belongings in a briefcase. Don't put useless things in the bag, especially don't over-expand the bag.

2. Don't shake with the bag
When conducting an interview or meeting with a client, please be careful not to move the bag back and forth when carrying the business bag. When carrying a business handbag, please keep your body natural and don't hold it tightly with your hands, so as not to let others think you are nervous.

3. Don't carry too much bags
Sometimes, you can go out to work without your tote handbags. If you want to carry it, it is enough to carry one bag.

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4. Don't put the bag indiscriminately
After entering someone else’s room, you should consciously place your business bag on the floor near where you sit or at a designated location. Do not put it on a table or chair randomly. In public places, you must also be careful not to let your bag get in the way of others.

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