Drawing techniques of luggage parts

In the drawing of luggage renderings or best business laptop backpack, the drawing of handles, handles, brazing tongues, switches, and various decorative parts are also worth noting. There are many kinds of parts of this kind, the form is free, and they form an organic whole with the bag body. When drawing, they should be drawn according to the characteristics and styles of different bags.

On the one hand, as an integral part of luggage, accessories are worthy of design. Especially in some high-end handbags or banquet bags, accessories often occupy an important position and play a finishing touch; on the other hand, as far as the decorative effect of the entire bag is concerned, the accessories are used to set off and contrast the main bag. Therefore, we must pay attention to the master-slave relationship, and not overwhelmingly affect the overall performance of the luggage.

1. a handle
The size and shape of the handle are divided into many types according to the actual use, structure, process characteristics and style of the hot topic bag. There are detachable handles, telescopic handles, soft handles, hard handles, three-dimensional handles, and ribbon-shaped handles, handle, hinge handle, rope handle, etc. As shown in Figure 7-10.

Drawing techniques of luggage parts

2. Handle
The handle is used to fix the handle. It is divided into frame-shaped handles, ring-shaped handles, semi-circular ring-shaped handles, etc., as well as various spring hooks, metal sockets, spherical lock nails and belt buckles. As shown in Figure 7-11.

3. Drill tongue
Brazing tongues are common in bags with lids, zipper bags, and semi-open bags. They are inserted into the buckle and used to seal or close the outer secondary part of the bag. It can prevent items from being lost and also play a decorative and beautifying role. The brazing tongue is usually stitched on the rear fan surface or the bag cover. The shape is divided into regular and irregular styles. When drawing, the connection and proportional relationship with the bag body should be grasped. As shown in Figure 7-12.

4. Part of the combination of components
The combination of parts, such as the combination of metal fittings and strips on the luggage, is drawn as shown in Figure 7-13.

Drawing techniques of luggage parts

5. Decorative patterns
The general function of the luggage or carry on backpack pattern is to modify and embellish the package body, so that the original monotonous shape can produce changes in levels, patterns and colors in the visual form, or to make the original personalized luggage more elegant. Decorative patterns play the role of strengthening, reminding and guiding the line of sight. It is usually manifested as special emphasis on certain characteristics, or deliberately highlighting the contrast of shapes, or decoration with exaggerated patterns.

The patterns are derived from life, and can be divided into plant patterns, animal patterns, landscape patterns, character patterns, geometric patterns, etc. Pattern modeling art should be human-centered, reflecting human life and thoughts and emotions. Decorative patterns are an important part of luggage design, and decorative patterns also require certain drawing skills.

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