Essential accessories for leisure sports

Although we pay attention to wearing light when we exercise, some sports accessories are indispensable, not only to facilitate exercise, but also to make us look more professional. So, what are the common sports accessories? In fact, in addition to sports protective gear, sports bags, sports glasses, etc. also need to be prepared, and sports accessories for different sports occasions are also very different. Here are three types of essential sports accessories to help you easily choose the right sports accessories and enjoy the fun of sports.

(1) Sports bag
Running exercise: Generally, there are fewer things to carry for running exercise. Basically, small waist bags, arm bags or water bags are the main ones, and the capacity is 1-5L. Mainly place small objects such as mobile phones and keys. When purchasing, it is required to be light, close to the body, anti-swing, and have a certain sweat-absorbing and waterproof function.

Fitness exercise: Going to the gym or gymnasium generally does not need to carry too much weight. It is enough to bring some personal items and sports equipment. So a one-shoulder sports duffle bag that can be hand-carried and cross-body is enough. The capacity is moderate. It is better to have a separate shoe bag compartment inside.

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Cycling and cross-country: Outdoor cycling or cross-country hiking has a long travel distance, and you need to bring a certain amount of drinking water, food, clothing, etc., basically sports backpacks or large waist bags. The capacity is 5-20L. Generally, it is equipped with a kettle pocket and lightweight design, which has better wear resistance and tear resistance.

Mountaineering camping: Outdoor mountaineering camping lasts for a long time, and you need to carry camping equipment such as tents and sleeping bags. Therefore, you should choose a large-capacity professional mountaineering bag. Generally, you should choose a 25-50L capacity suitable for 1-2 days of outdoor activities, mainly with inner bracket backpack; The capacity of 50-80L is suitable for 3-5 days of outdoor activities, mainly for big backpacks with outside supports.

(2) Sports glasses
Wearing glasses during outdoor sports can protect your eyes. Sports glasses pay attention to sports protection and safety. For example, wearing sports glasses for outdoor running in summer can effectively block ultraviolet rays and avoid the stimulation of strong light.

Mountain running: Light gray, gray, or light orange lenses can be used for this type of less intense exercise. This kind of color lens can effectively reduce the light intensity, provide good color perception, and can still clearly distinguish the original color of the scene after wearing it.

Essential accessories for leisure sports

Tennis shooting: For this kind of sports that requires eyesight, you can use brown, orange, light red, light orange lenses, which can block the reflected light from the smooth and bright surface, so that you can see the subtle parts of the object.

Skiing and skating: the sun reflects very strongly on the snow, and the cold wind during sliding is very irritating to the eyes, so ski goggles pay more attention to UV protection, sealing and anti-fogging. Plastic frames are safer, and the color of the lenses is preferably yellow or brown.

(3) Sports protective gear
Sports gloves: sports gloves for different sports are very different. Cycling and fitness gloves are mostly made of breathable mesh fabrics and non-slip wear-resistant sponge gaskets; outdoor mountaineering and ski gloves are mostly made of fleece for warmth, waterproof and non-slip fabrics.

Sports headband: The headband has good air permeability and strong sweat absorption. It is especially suitable for people to use in sports and leisure. It not only fixes the hair and absorbs sweat, but also plays a decorative role.

Sports wrist guard: The wrist guard can protect the wrist joints, especially suitable for tennis, badminton, table tennis, basketball and other sports. Do not wear it too tight or too loose. Too tight will affect blood circulation, and too loose will not provide protection.

Essential accessories for leisure sports

Other protective gear: knee pads, waist belts, helmets, elbow pads, finger pads, ankle pads, finger pads, shoulder pads, etc.

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