Essential packing list for campus!

Students have always accounted for a large number of our customers, and we don't just provide great backpacks for your school life, we consider more for you...Especially for someone who enjoys options and fears decisions, we have made this packing list to show you what are the best things to put in your backpack for school.

     1. Personal Essentials

Can you imagine if you leave home without taking your phone, keys, card holder, and student ID along with you, isn't it a nightmare? So they must go on the first!


     2. Headphones.

Headphones are great when you are listening to music, an audio book, or even getting some homework done requiring videos on your computer!


    3. Water bottle.

You should know, up to 60% of the human adult body is water. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. So make sure to stay hydrated every day.


     4. School binder, notebooks, folders.

Your school binder, notebooks, and folders are the meat and potatoes of your school supplies for sure.

folder and binder

     5. Text-books and in-class materials.

Depending on your classes, you may be required to bring in your textbook or other classroom materials, just do what your tutors specified.


     6. Laptop and Laptop Charger.

If you are studying in college, you know how big the lecture room is. When you are seating at the back of the room, you can barely see the big screen. So it's important to bring your laptop and prepare all the materials for the lecture on it in advance.


     7. Pen pouch and school supplies.

A pen pouch is always handy access to your school supplies. Place your pens, erasers, rulers and other small stationery in one place, be organized.


     8. Scientific calculator.

If you are taking a math class, this is indispensable. Plus, a scientific calculator may be useful in other classes as well.


     9. Snacks.

Be sure to always carry some extra snacks with you to campus. Unless you really hate eating snacks, otherwise it could always be a smart idea.


     10. Spare Quarters.

Speaking of snacks and remembering back to my university life, it's been so many times that I couldn't find any spare quarters when I wanted to buy some food to fill up myself from the snack machines, it was really frustrating.


     11. A Custom Emergency Kit.

Creating your own custom emergency kit will be a life saver! Probably not literally… but you can picture it. Below I have listed items you may want to add to your own. Be sure to purchase a small travel bag to put everything in, and to purchase everything in travel sizes.

Things you might consider adding to your custom emergency kit including but not limited to:
  • Extra Cash ($20 is a great amount)
  • Band-aids
  • Safety pins
  • Duct tape
  • Tissues
  • Floss
  • Mints
  • Q-tips
  • Mini deodorant
  • Nail clippers and a file   

     12. Power Bank

If you love frequently checking your smartphone, isn't the power bank a lifesaver? Considering its portability, battery capacity, USB ports, and rechargeability let it save you from the insecurity of running out of the power of your devices.

power bank


Wondering what are the best things to pack for travelling?

To be continued...

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