Everything You Want to Know About Messenger Bag

In the past few weeks, we have received many inquiries about messenger bags, some of which are very interesting. And in the process of communication, we found that some customers have misunderstandings about the messenger bag, so we want to show you everything about the messenger bag here.

You can find all the answer below these question:

1.What is A Messenger Bag?

2.What is a Messenger Bag Used for

3.Are Messenger Bags Still Cool?

4.Do People Still Use Briefcases?

5.What is a Good Brand of Messenger Bag?

6.Can I Wear a Messenger Bag on a Motorcycle?

7.Are Messenger Bags Unisex?

8.What is the Difference Between a Messenger Bag and a Crossbody Bag?

9.What are the Differences Between a Messenger Bag and a Backpack?

10.Are Messenger Bags Good for Work?

11.Should I Use a Messenger Bag for School?

12.Why Don't Men Carry Shoulder Bags Day by Day Just Like Women?

13.Do Lawyers Use Briefcases Anymore?

14.What are the Different Types of Laptop Bag?



  1. What is A Messenger Bag?

We want to quote the explanations from Wikipedia here for easily understood.


Messenger bags have a cross-body strap and are meant to be worn against the lower back, then pulled around to the side or front to access the contents. This makes them ideal for wearing while walking or riding a bike (a nod to their history of use by bike couriers).


We noticed that the early messenger bags were used by mail carriers who delivered letters to our homes. But with the rapid development of Internet technology and smartphones, people rarely write letters by hand. So the purpose of the messenger bag has changed. For example, some people place laptops, documents, etc., in their messenger bags.


Moreover, the material and craftsmanship of the messenger bag have also been upgraded. For example, the current popular materials include canvas or nylon, and they all require good waterproof performance, high durability, and can be used for a long time. Therefore, in the weaving stage, not only will the thickness of the fabric and the number of knitted needles be strengthened, but also the materials of some critical parts are made of mixed knitting materials, or some are directly tarp to meet the needs of waterproofing.


In words, the production cost is higher due to the use of messenger bags, the durability is better, it is environmentally friendly, and the quality is more stable.


  1. What is a Messenger Bag Used for

What is a Messenger Bag Used for

As we mentioned above, the messenger bag's purpose is very similar to the ordinary backpack, which is used to carry heavy objects or various personal items. Moreover, the messenger bag is more convenient for taking the things inside than the backpack. So it is very convenient when riding or carrying items for short distances.

Moreover, we believe that the messenger bag has advantages for carrying computers and personal belongings short distances, similar to office workers. Especially compared to traditional backpacks, the shoulders need to be stressed, and our backs also need to fit the gears, which is a terrible summer experience.

Another group of people, such as lawyers or doctors, prefer briefcases because briefcases are relatively more business-oriented. In contrast, the messenger bag is more sporty. Still, the development of the messenger bag in recent years has an inevitable overlap with the briefcase in terms of internal design and function. Because of its large capacity, it is also efficient.


  1. Are Messenger Bags Still Cool?

We think the messenger bag is cool, not only because its appearance is constantly updated, but also because it has incredible versatility and capacity, so we just mentioned that it could fully meet the needs of the daily office worker, easy to carry your items.

Moreover, we also mentioned the use of the messenger bag above, so it has been strengthened in the production process and has better durability. Therefore, we believe its usage scenarios can cover the mass of day backpackers, students, professionals, office workers, etc.


  1. Do People Still Use Briefcases?

Do People Still Use Briefcases

With the change of the times, the appearance looks classic, and the leather briefcase seems to be less and less willing to choose, but is this the case?

On the streets of big cities in the United States, we still see similar lawyers and business people use briefcases. It has a lot to do with their work scene because the customers they usually face are business people, so there is nothing wrong with using a more traditional-looking briefcase.

Moreover, the current briefcase, although the appearance is still traditional the interior has been upgraded. Laptops, smartphones, and documents can be conveniently stored in categories, greatly improving the user experience and work efficiency.

So some readers may have doubts. The current backpack is fully capable of this job. Why must a briefcase be used? Yes, bags are currently used in many scenarios, which can be said to cover our work and life. But if we look at it from a different angle, if you hire a professional to serve you, it may be a lawyer or a financial advisor. If one of them is dressed very casually and communicates with you using a plain backpack with documents on it; while the other is dressed in formal clothes and shares with you with a consultant with a briefcase, in your first impression, you will Who do you think is more professional and more worthy of your trust? Without a doubt, I think most people will choose the latter.

We've been talking about the traditional look of the briefcase, but it's changed a lot now. If it was the look of the 1960s and 1970s, it might not be popular with everyone now.

For example, some briefcases have been changed in terms of material, abandoning the traditional leather material and using composite materials such as nylon. The appearance is also beautiful.

Even some briefcases incorporate the design elements of the messenger bag, deliberately reduce the right-angle design elements, and control the thickness of the entire bag to make the suitcase look thinner.

Also, most briefcases now have an extra single shoulder strap on one shoulder, which is a bit of homogenization with the messenger bag.

There are also convertible briefcases on the market, which can be converted into backpacks.

So, times are changing, and so is demand. The briefcase will not disappear, but it will have more forms in the future to meet our needs.


  1. What is a Good Brand of Messenger Bag?

What is a Good Brand of Messenger Bag

In addition to traditional brands such as Coach and Timbuk2, if you want to choose more cost-effective products, you can find more new brands on Amazon to try. Or check out our range of Matein briefcases. We not only support wholesale & customization, but also offer OEM & ODM services available. Click here to visit our bulk customization service.

For wholesale, or OEM & ODM customers, we have a suggestion. When choosing a supplier, you can't just look at whether the price is low. We should pay more attention to whether you and your suppliers have the qualifications? What is the size of his factory? How long is the working experience? Whether the R&D team has the strength, and so on. In the early stage, you can't see these factors only by purchasing in small batches, but in the later stage, it is likely to impact your brand, so you must carefully evaluate your suppliers.


  1. Can I Wear a Messenger Bag on a Motorcycle?

Of course. Messenger bags were initially tailor-made products for postmen, and mail carriers recently used bicycles as transportation. Moreover, it will not affect your operation during the riding process.

At the same time, we always refuel or rest after riding a motorcycle for a while. You will naturally take your items with you at this time because you have placed them in the messenger bag in advance. Avoid losing something if you forget to take away your items. That's why we say the messenger bag is very suitable for riding.


  1. Are Messenger Bags Unisex?

Generally, we think that messenger bags and backpacks are unisex. There is no need to talk about backpacks because there are many styles and a large audience. As for the messenger bag, in addition to letter carriers, office workers, IT experts, and even students, we believe the messenger bag is a unisex choice.

Moreover, with the continuous upgrading of products, messenger bags have become increasingly popular design elements and styles, which can cover most of the scene needs, such as work, cycling, travel, etc. We think it is a smart choice for a messenger bag of good quality and large capacity.


  1. What is the Difference Between a Messenger Bag and a Crossbody Bag?

What is the Difference Between a Messenger Bag and a Crossbody Bag

As you know, there are many types of crossbody bags, and there is a clear distinction between how they are worn and how a backpack is worn. The messenger bag is also worn in the form of a crossbody, so from the way of wearing, we divide the messenger bag into a type of crossbody bag.

If we have to say the difference between them, we think the two are mainly in design use, material, and performance.

Because the ordinary crossbody bag does not have such an apparent demand as the messenger bag, it is specially strengthened in terms of material, such as waterproof fabrics, higher density knitting, etc.

In terms of size, the previous postal workers may carry hundreds or thousands of letters once a time, so the bag's interior space must be huge. And they have to bring some of their belongings with them. So the laptops, tablets, and accessories can all fit in a messenger bag now.

Because the postal workers are often outdoors, the waterproof performance requirements are relatively high in terms of performance. Especially in the event of rain, it is necessary to protect the internal letters from getting wet. Therefore, the messenger bag has better waterproof performance than similar crossbody bag products and can better protect the items stored in the bag.

So the messenger bag is a kind of crossbody bag. But as a branch of it, the messenger bag was born to better adapt to the work of early postmen, so it has a thicker fabric and better waterproof performance.



  1. What are the Differences Between a Messenger Bag and a Backpack?

What are the Differences Between a Messenger Bag and a Backpack

We always believe that different scenarios and different uses should use different packages.

Backpacks and messenger bags were initially designed to adapt to different products in different scenarios. But with the changes of the times, some usage scenarios began to overlap, so some readers asked us this question.

The biggest advantage of the backpack is to free your hands thoroughly. Because the gear is designed with straps and the shoulders are used for force, our hands can move freely, and the backpack will not move easily when we use the backpacks. And when loading heavier items, it will be easier.

Because it is stressed on one shoulder, the messenger bag cannot do more intense exercise. Otherwise, it may cause the messenger bag to move.

Secondly, the backpack has a large storage space and a certain degree of privacy. If you store some personal items, and the pack has the anti-theft function, it can prevent privacy leakage. The messenger bag, on the other hand, is slightly inferior in terms of privacy protection.

Again, because of the characteristics of the backpack, it can be extended into travel & leisure backpacks and even sports backpacks, so the use scenarios of the bag are extensive.

What we mentioned above are the advantages of backpacks. Of course, messenger bags also have their benefits. For example, messenger bags can be made more fashionable and easy to carry, and you can even put some super long items. In addition, the messenger bag is suitable for many scenarios, such as office workers, IT experts, students, etc.

Therefore, we believe the difference between the two products lies in the applicable scenarios. The backpacks can be used in more places. However, the messenger bag is suitable for fewer locations. But it is thick, durable, waterproof, and portable. So it depends on your choice.



  1. Are Messenger Bags Good for Work?

Are Messenger Bags Good for Work

The messenger bag is modest in size; even if you take the train to work, it won't bother your neighbors. And it has enough space to store the items you need for work.

The most important thing is that it keeps upgrading to be more popular and fashionable, and it will not be as formal and staid as a briefcase. And even if you need to ride to work, it won't affect you.

We consider it a good buddy at work, don't we?



  1. Should I Use a Messenger Bag for School?

We think it's something worth trying for young people who like new things and experimenting with different styles, and it's cool too.

From the original cartoon schoolbag, and canvas bag, to the regular school bag. Which one do they choose their favorite, representing different life stages? During the growing up from children to college students, it is reasonable for them to select their favorite school bags.

We support their use of messenger bags as their day packs.


  1. Is Wearing a Messenger Bag Bad for Your Shoulders and Back?

Is Wearing a Messenger Bag Bad for Your Shoulders and Back

Due to the design and characteristics of the messenger bag, it is stressed on one shoulder, so we do not recommend that you pack overweight items in the bag for a long time. There may be no problem with the bag, but for the shoulders and back of the person, there may be hurts.

For example, we usually walk with two legs, but one day the left leg is injured, and we have been walking with the right leg, and you will find that the right leg will be very tired on that day. In the long run, it can lead to excessive right leg tiredness and lesions. The same goes for your back.

But this does NOT mean that the messenger bag can not be worn for a long time. We can take the following methods to avoid such problems. First, switch to the other side shoulder after used a long time. For example, if we carry on the left shoulder for a long time, we can significantly relieve the fatigue by replacing it with the right shoulder. Second, keep a good habit of regularly cleaning up and removing useless items in the bag. For example, we can clean it once a week, keeping the messenger bag's contents in top condition and reducing your load.

Finally, we hope that everyone will keep good habits and stay healthy.


  1. Why Don't Men Carry Shoulder Bags Day by Day Just Like Women?

Humm, you should first ask why women carry shoulder bags daily.

Ok, I think many people in our life like to carry shoulder bags to work every day, including men because our jeans pockets can't hold everything we need unless we have very few things every day.

In fact, in real life, the only things we think are worth trying are backpacks, messenger bags, & briefcases. Men will not change bags as frequently as women, which is the case for most men.

Of course, you can try a smaller backpack or a messenger bag to reduce your load and improve your work experience. But, at least for me, I prefer to choose a larger backpack, in case I need it one day.


  1. Do Lawyers Use Briefcases Anymore?

 Do Lawyers Use Briefcases Anymore

Whether lawyers continue to use briefcases depends on whether they can continue to meet their current needs.

The answer is yes. Because the briefcase is constantly being upgraded and improved, it can meet the needs well from the current product.

To research the market and improve the user experience, we send letters to our dealers and even end customers every year to collect their feedback. We even consulted a lawyer-client on the phone about the briefcase product, and he told us a lot of details that we had never thought of before.

Unlike 30 or even 40 years ago, lawyers don't just need paper, pens, notebooks, and related documents anymore. Their needs have become more diversified. For example, they need to bring laptops, smartphones, network cables (for connecting to the court's network), video cables (for displaying some data and reports on the computer), power banks, and various Data cables (worrying about the power failure of electronic devices affecting work), and of course multiple documents. So they need a briefcase that can easily and quickly sort and store various items, which is very important because this can significantly improve their work efficiency.

But whether you're looking for a briefcase in an offline supermarket such as Walmart or Macy's, or an online channel such as Amazon, a well-designed briefcase can be expensive, often costing hundreds of dollars. But considering that a good briefcase can last for decades is well worth the cost.


  1. What are the Different Types of Laptop Bag?

We think there are 3 main categories: backpacks, briefcases & messenger bags, and laptop sleeves. In terms of essential functions, they are similar, and you can choose according to your purpose and budget.

However, although the 3 basic functions are the same, the experience of using them is different.

Backpacks are typically multi-purpose products and are suitable for heavy computer users. It is very popular among students, IT experts, and office workers. Many backpacks now have diversified functions, are equipped with anti-theft and USB charging functions, and have a good experience. In addition, because the backpack is ergonomically designed, it is very reliable during use and can effectively protect the computer.

The briefcase & messenger bag is also suitable for people who often use computers. It is easy to carry and generally has better waterproof performance. At the same time, it can consider the storage of more personal belongings. And now the new briefcase or messenger bag has a special compartment to protect the computer, which is also very reliable.

Finally, the laptop sleeve, which is generally very light and easy to carry, is suitable for short-distance computer use. However, it can take fewer items, is usually waterproof, and has the weakest protections against computers.

So we only need to buy products according to our needs, and that's it. Or, if we have multiple conditions, we can choose various products for exchange, which can provide maximum protection for the computer.


That’s all of them. Thanks for your time and patience.

Matein has more than 13 years of experience manufacturing and selling computer bags and related products, and we support OEM&ODM services. Feeling free to take 1 minute to submit the form, our sales staff will contact you within 1 working day.

However, we have already run the campaigns to 100% refund your sample fee once you order over 300 pcs / item, so what are you waiting for?

See you next post.

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