External Secondary Part of Inclusion Body - Handle

Peripheral components of inclusion body refer to those that do not constitute inclusion body but play a secondary role.It mainly includes lifting handle, supporting handle, brazing tongue, brazing loop, small cover and various decorative parts.Each of the secondary parts has its own function and purpose, and this kind of parts are a wide variety of free form.

External Secondary Part of Inclusion Body - Handle

External secondary components in the type, shape and size of the continuous innovation, constitute the leather product decorative style changes, to a large extent to enrich the package products. Moreover, with the rapid development of new technology and new materials, the timeliness and economy of products increasingly require the implementation of universal parts, and various metal handles, plastic handles and all kinds of handles, brazing tongue, brazing loop and other forming parts have emerged. The use of general secondary components can not only increase and enrich bag varieties such as one handle backpack, but also improve labor productivity and produce considerable economic benefits.


Handle includes handle made of bag fabric, metal handle, wood handle, plastic handle and chain handle, etc.Among them, metal handle, wood handle, plastic handle and chain handle are often shaped handle, belonging to the category of accessories, here mainly introduces the handle made of fabric.

Specification of Handle

The specification of the handle refers mainly to the length and width of the handle. In the design and production, we need to determine the basic dimensions of the handle, namely the length L and the width W. Length of handlebars - generally related to the distance between the handlebars and the width of the hand, usually 110, 130, 150mm short handlebars;The length of ordinary handle is 350, 400, 450 and 500mm; The length of strap handle is 600.700 and 800.900mm. The width of the handle is related to the degree of bending when the hand is held. The width of the narrow handle is usually 16 or 18mm. The width of ordinary handle is 20 and 25mm;The length of other geometric shapes is 80-200mm, and the height of the handlebars is 60, 95, 110 and 130mm.

The dimensions of the handlebars vary according to their shape. For example, rectangular handlebars should be marked with their length, width and height; Trapezoidal handlebars should be marked with the length, width and height of the upper and lower bottom.The oval handle should indicate the length, height, arc radius and width, etc. If you are choose a smart travel bag, the handle should be 
convenient and flexible. 

External Secondary Part of Inclusion Body - Handle

Classification of Handle

There are many classification methods for handlebars, which can be divided into four categories according to the different shapes of handlebars:

(1) Common handle: a handle consisting of one or two parts of the handle.

(2) Strap handle: it includes a movable strap handle which is composed of two parts and a dual-use strap handle which can be loaded and unloaded.

(3) fancy handlebars: elliptic, trapezoid and other geometric handlebars, including the whole handlebars with fan surface and blanking.

(4) Rope handlebar: it refers to the hole-hole or ring in the top of the bag.

In addition, according to the intermediate parts, the hand can be divided into flat hand handle and three-dimensional hand handle;According to the material of the intermediate parts, it can be divided into soft handlebars, semi-hard handlebars and hard handlebars.Fancy handlebars are usually hard handlebars and rope handlebars are soft handlebars.

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