FAQ about the boarding case

1. The difference between trolley case such as backpack with wheels and boarding case
The boarding case is a kind of trolley case, but not all trolley cases can be boarded. The so-called boarding case is a travel luggage that is smaller than the airline's regulations and can be carried directly on the plane. If you exceed this size, you must go to the check-in counter to check your luggage. So the so-called boarding case refers to a trolley box that meets a certain size range. The concept of an ordinary trolley case is broader. There are large and small, and you may not always be able to carry it on the plane.

FAQ about the boarding case

2. Will the size of the boarding case include wheels?
The boarding case size needs to be included in the calculation of the wheels, because the wheels will take up the same space when checked. Some carry on backpacks are suitable for boading. However, the regulations of various airlines may be different. Some airlines have slightly wider standards, and larger ones are fine. However, some airlines have stricter checks and are not allowed to exceed any standards.

3. boarding case specifications
The boarding case size recommended by IATA (International Air Transport Association) is generally stipulated that the sum of the three sides does not exceed 115CM. The regulations of different airlines are different, you can ask in advance the standard of the airline that will take the flight to choose. Generally speaking, the lower the ticket price, the less free luggage.

FAQ about the boarding case

4. Common dimensions of the boarding case
The common size of the boarding case is below 20 inches. Generally speaking, suitcases of 16, 17, 18, and 20 inches can be boarded directly. However, because of the different luggage standards, not all 20-inch suitcases can be boarded. Even some 18-inch and 19-inch suitcases may have to be checked in because their length, width, and height do not meet airline regulations.

5. Weight requirements of the boarding case
Generally, the weight of the boarding case is 5kg-7kg, and the weight requirement of the airline boarding case for some international flights is 10kg. The specific weight depends on the airline's regulations.

FAQ about the boarding case

6. International flight boarding case size standard
The maximum size of the newly-regulated boarding case on international flights is 54.61cmX34.29cmX19.05cm. Although this size is a little smaller than the size of other joint flights, it is almost enough to go out alone. However, some airlines do not provide free rolling briefcases consignment, and all luggage must be paid.

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