Fashion Color and Bags Design

Fashion Colour is defined as a collection of fashionable or fashionable colours that are particularly popular with consumers in a given period or region. Popular color phenomenon generally exists in all fields of human life including suit travel bag, and has strong characteristics of times, sociality, nationality, seasonality and evolution.

Matein Fashion color and case design

In 1963, France, Switzerland, Japan took the lead to launch a "international fashion colour association", since then, many European countries and Asian countries have joined, our country also established the fashion colour research organization, the international fashion colour association "by the popular colors forecast, conference two season each year to the world popular color information, and actively promote the design, production and consumption.

The rule of popular color

The popularity of case and bag color has periodic characteristics, and its change period generally includes four stages: initial stage, rising stage, high tide stage and fading stage.Bags color cycle length is usually with a certain level of regional economic development, closely related to the purchasing power, and aesthetic requirements, generally in 5 to 7 years for a cycle, economically developed countries and regions, the change of the color cycles tend to be faster than less developed countries and regions, and some of the economic poverty of poor countries and regions for the affinity of apparel products, bags fashion colour in a certain period of time often no obvious change.In recent years, with the rapid development of social economy, the pace of life is constantly accelerating, people have shown more and more urgent requirements for new things, the popular cycle of bag color has also formed a trend of shortening day by day, 7 years cycle is gradually shortened to 2 years, some high consumption areas even a year.

Fashion Color and Bags Design

Seasonal change is also an important factor affecting the popularity of bags and boxes. The design of luggage and bag products often changes materials and colors with the change of seasonal climate, in order to cater to the time-varying aesthetic psychology of color consumption, so as to obtain the largest market share of luggage and bag products sales such as brief case marketing.  At present, the way that regards colour popular period as artificial division with seasonal change already got extensive use.

The popularity of luggage color is generally reflected in three ways:

The first is the "drip" style, which is first adopted by the upper society and gradually spread to the public, and forms a certain popularity trend. The essence of this popularity mode is the imitation behavior based on people's love for a certain person or group.

The second is the "mode flow", which is adopted by a certain social class in a certain situation, and then gradually spreads to other classes and forms a popular trend.

The third type of fashion is "trend", which starts at the bottom of society and then gradually spreads to the top and forms a fashion trend.

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