Five Packing Tips for Forgetful People

Many people look through the large travel backpacks or suitcases when they travel, and wonder if they have forgotten something. However, many times in the car on the journey and when arriving at the destination, they find that they still forgot some important things. This indirectly caused a certain amount of trouble to your journey. Here are five packaging tips for people who often forget to carry essential items

Five Packing Tips for Forgetful People

1. Pack the skincare products and toiletries in advance

Usually, when buying some toiletries in supermarkets or shopping malls, some samples are often sent. At this time, these samples can be placed in a place dedicated to these samples. Next time you travel, you can put them in your toiletry bag easily and quickly. With these sample products, you don’t have to worry about liquids exceeding the standard when you fly.

2. Do not unpack tourist items

Don’t unpack some things that are only used for travel. For example, you may not use adapters, inflatable neck pillows, mini routers, or travel toiletry bags. Put these tourist items in the box after a trip. So when you are going out again, you don't have to worry about forgetting to bring these things.

3. Set the packing time

I wonder if you are like this? A few days before traveling, I am usually very busy at work because I have to finish the work. After get off work, you need to sort out the hygiene or other things at home, making you feel that you don't have time to organize things for travel. This result will often make you crazy packing your luggage in the last wee hours, and often forget the travel essential items. So no matter how busy you are, you need to plan a time to sort out the items you bring with you during the tour, which can save a lot of unnecessary trouble.

4. You can put a basket in the room

You can put a basket in your room, laundry or bathroom a few days in advance, and put it in the basket when you think of the travel supplies you need to bring. This saves you a lot of time when finishing things at the end, and also reduces the probability of forgetting to bring some essential items. In addition, if you don’t want to pack them before leaving for the airport, you can put them in your suitcase directy.

Five Packing Tips for Forgetful People5. Keep the old packing list

Generally, the things to pack for travel are similar. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the packing list used during the last trip to the seaside, scenic spots and other cities. This way you will have a basic list of tourist items. It’s best to save the list to your computer or smartphone.

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Five Packing Tips for Forgetful People
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