Guide to Buying the Best Anti-theft Backpack

The best anti-theft travel backpack, no matter where you are, your passport, credit card, camera and other valuables can be safely stored.
Best travel backpack have many different anti-theft functions. Not all travel security bags have all the features, so we have listed the key anti-theft features to help you decide which features are most important to you.

Guide to Buying the Best Anti-theft Backpack

1. Lockable Zipper
Backpacks with lockable zippers are one of the best deterrents. Some backpacks have zippers locked to the main compartment. The best anti-theft travel bags have a lockable zipper on each part.
The design of the backpack lock of each lockable backpack is different. Some require a separate padlock, or it is recommended that you use a luggage lock approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Others have a unique zipper lock design.
A lockable zipper does not stop a thief who has time from trying to open your bag. They are most effective when commuting to get off work or going out for sightseeing because they prevent opportunists from taking your bag when you are not paying attention.
Please note that some backpacks with locks will only have a zipper loop instead of a physical lock. A lock is a better solution, and the zipper hooked on the D-ring is usually enough to prevent a thief from trying to enter your bag.

2. Hidden Zipper
Continuing the zipper theme, a hidden zipper backpack makes it difficult for thieves to find your bag. When the bag is resting on your back, the zipper leading to the main compartment is hidden behind the bag.
Many new anti-theft travel bags have this feature. In fact, for some travel security bags, this is the only anti-theft security feature.
If you are looking for a simple and cheap anti-theft backpack, a smart travel bag with a hidden zipper is a good choice.

Guide to Buying the Best Anti-theft Backpack

3. Hidden Pocket
Hidden compartments and hidden pockets are perhaps the most common anti-theft features in backpack advertisements.
A hidden pocket is usually hidden behind the backpack. When you are wearing a backpack, it is more difficult to access. These hidden pockets are great places to store passports, wallets, credit cards and mobile phones.
Some travel safety backpacks also have zipper pockets deep in the backpack. This is another common anti-theft feature.

4. Slashproof Material

The best anti-theft travel bag is to embed an anti-theft net in the fabric of the bag. This prevents the fabric from being cut and opens the bag.
When you are on a crowded train or in a busy market, steel mesh not only protects your property from theft by speculators.
It can also prevent unauthorized access when you leave your bag in a hotel or concierge. Some cut-resistant travel bags also have cut-resistant straps. This is an additional security feature to prevent your bag from being stolen when locked on a table or chair.

5. Water Resistant

A safe travel backpack should not only be used to avoid thieves. If you encounter heavy downpours while traveling, it can also protect your expensive technological equipment from water damage.
An anti-theft and waterproof backpack may have a complete cover that is pulled on the outside of the bag. Other anti-theft bag brands will use waterproof materials.
Note: Few brands claim to have fully waterproof and anti-theft backpacks. Most are waterproof. Therefore, if waterproofing is important, make sure you check the details. A separate cover is the best choice.

6. RFID Protection

A secure travel pack usually contains an RFID intercept card.While there is debate about the extent of RFID fraud, many brands have RFID blocking materials in their anti-theft bags.
Rfid anti-theft bags typically have an inner pocket lined with RFID blocking fabric that prevents radio waves from skimming through your credit card and passport data.

7. Built-in Locking Cable

As a traveler, one of the biggest challenges is to take good care of your valuables. For ultimate peace of mind, some anti-theft backpacks for travel will include a locking cable to tie the bag to tables, chairs, pillars, etc.
Some are integrated lock lines, some are independent, and some anti-theft bag brands even add a lock function to the backpack strap.
This is a great security feature, when you are waiting at a train station or airport, you need to protect your travel bag.

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Guide to Buying the Best Anti-theft Backpack


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