How can I carry a heavy backpack more easily?

Many outdoor novices who participated in camping for the first time, have just put the best travel backpack on their shoulders and felt sore shoulders before they took a few steps, and the waist hurts after walking for a while. Then, the whole body felt exhausted, thinking that next time he would never go back and climb the mountain.

It's a pity to give up like this. Many amazing views are in the depths of the mountains and forests. These beautiful scenery often takes a day or two to actually arrive. It is difficult to see them with your own eyes if you don't bring camping equipment. The role of the big backpack is to let us enjoy the fun of hiking in the mountains. How can I carry a heavy backpack more easily? Here are some tips:

How can I carry a heavy backpack more easily?

1. Relax all the straps

If you try your back at home, you must first put something in the backpack, make the backpack a little heavier and stretch it out, so that it can be closer to the actual conditions of hiking. Then relax the shoulder straps on the backpack.

2. Tighten the hip belt

After putting the large travel backpack on, the position of the hip belt is about above the hip, and then buckle and tighten the hip belt. Note that pulling too tight may cause headaches on the bones on both sides, and the strap should be comfortably wrapped around the hips. If it feels too tight, relax the strap again and readjust it. Most of the weight of the backpack should fall on the hip belt, so the big backpack is actually supported by the hips.

How can I carry a heavy backpack more easily?

3. Tighten the shoulder strap

After adjusting the hip belt, then tighten the shoulder strap to bring the backpack close to your body. But note that the weight of the backpack should still fall on the hip belt.

4. Tighten the shoulder strap adjustment strap so that the shoulder strap and the back shoulder strap are at 45 degrees

Above your shoulders, there is a strap that connects the shoulder strap to the top of the backpack, which is the shoulder strap adjustment strap. Tighten the shoulder strap adjustment strap so that it and the shoulder strap present a 45-degree angle, and you will feel the weight on your shoulders suddenly become lighter. This adjustment strap can lean the backpack against the body and transfer the weight of the backpack to the hip strap. However, if it is pulled too tightly, the shoulder strap will be pulled back, causing uncomfortable shoulders.

5. Tighten the chest buckle

First adjust the chest buckle to a height where you won’t feel pressure on your chest, then buckle and tighten so that the shoulder straps on both sides approach slightly inward to reduce the weight on your shoulders, tighten the chest buckle and let your arms can move freely and comfortably, but don’t over-tighten it and affect the comfort of your neck and shoulders.

6. Slightly relax the shoulder straps

The last step depends on whether the individual needs it. Relaxing the shoulder straps a little bit can make the backpack more weight fall on the hip belt, but if it is too loose, it will cause the backpack to shake easily during travel.

After all the steps above are adjusted, you need to make a final check to see if most of the weight of the backpack is on the hip belt, not on the shoulders. If you find that the gap between the shoulder strap and the shoulder is still large after the adjustment, or the hip strap is not above the hip, you can adjust the backpack's carrying system. If the adjustment is still not suitable, it may be that the size of the backpack is not suitable for you.

How can I carry a heavy backpack more easily?

However, it's not to say that follow the above method, you can carry it as easily as lightly backpack, but for a large backpack of the same weight, it will be relatively easy to adjust the big backpack in this way. In addition, according to each person's physical fitness and physique, the weight that can be carried is different. It is recommended to do weight-bearing exercises at ordinary times, starting with 7-8 kg, and then slowly increasing it to gradually strengthen the weight-bearing ability!

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